Trudy - checking to see if it's sunny enough to come out
Hattie and Wilma

we still have our fair share of ice

we can see the clothesline!!

Mmmmm.....grilled chicken wings

homemade pizza

omelet courtesy of my breakfast chef

still looking forward to soup

Jack relaxing in Cait's box

Oliver enjoying Sunday's sun

Happy Sunday!  We were potentially going to get snow and/or a mix yesterday and we didn't.  Hooray!!  The sun was out and although the wind picked up in the afternoon, the Coop Girls enjoyed a full day of being outside.  Our snow is melting!!  We even grilled chicken wings Friday for dinner to go with our homemade pizza.  Life is good.

Thank you for all the well wishes and advice while I was sick last week.  I'm feeling human again, finally.

Jack and Cait ran out of food this morning.  I completely forgot to pick some up while I was in town on Friday and poor Jack paced a good portion of the morning.  Mind you there was maybe a total of 3 hours there was no cat food in the house, but to him, that was FOREVER.  Might I add that although he insisted on supervising me pour food in his bowl he didn't eat any.  Not one morsel.  He wasn't hungry - just panicked that his bowl was empty.

We've been having squirrel issues at the Coop.  Any of you with chickens have problems with squirrels?  Some days it looks like a squirrel infestation - they're running up and down the outdoor walls, all inside the outdoor coop - they are everywhere!  We give the girls some scratch grain in the outdoor coop which, I'm assuming, is what they are picking up - any remnants.  I'm concerned, though, that eventually they'll discover the indoor coop and we'll never ever get them to leave once they spot the feeders and eggs.  The Coop Girls don't seem to care one bit about sharing their space with the freeloaders.

Today I'm making our last apple pie from fall apples I had put in the freezer.  I originally had planned to can apple pie filling but couldn't find the correct gel so I decided to toss the apple slices with a bit of sugar, lemon juice, and cinnamon, measure them out so I had a full pie's worth of filling per bag, and freeze them.  The night before baking day I put the bag in the refrigerator to thaw.  On baking day I  toss them with a bit more sugar and flour, pour the into a pie crust and bake.  The pies are delicious!!!  If we have freezer space next fall I'll definitely be doing that again.

I'm also making up bread dough for the week, blueberry scones for the freezer, deviled eggs and crackers {I bake half the dough now and freeze the other half for another week} for my husbands lunch and dog cookies.  Do you prepare what you can on the weekends for the week ahead?  It makes me feel a bit ahead of the game when I do.

I've talked about this before, but want to mention it again.  I made the decision a while back to monetize this blog but have never really put forth effort in seeking sponsors.  I will now be seeking them out and I want to make sure that you, the readers, know it will not change the blog contents.  Anyone who writes a blog knows how much time it takes to photograph and write each post.  I'm trying to include more posts of what we do around here, DIY Projects, recipes and chicken keeping, so I'm posting most days of the week.  To pay for some of my time I'm hoping to increase advertisers.  There will be posts each month specifically geared toward some of the sponsors, however, please note 3 things:  I will always make it clear if I'm writing a post because of sponsored content, I am selecting the advertisers based on product that fits this space and any advertising content I write will be my honest opinions.  If you have a blog or small business you would like to advertise here, please email me.  We are giving large discounts for the first 60 days.

Only 1 more day to enter the giveaway of our products!!

Hoping you're having a wonderful weekend!


daisy g said...

Oh, I hope you find a solution to those squirrels! I would hate to see them get at your eggs.

Glad you're feeling better. I hope the sun continues to shine. That always makes a body feel better.

Your food photos always make me so hungry!

Unknown said...

I love Trudy!! lol

Just the Right Size said...

Sadly, the only thing to do with the squirrels is to trap them. What you do with them after that...well.

We use a Havahart trap baited with peanut butter.