Can I just say, it's been beautiful weather around these parts.  Mid 70's today as well as expected for tomorrow.  The last of our snow should be gone by the end of next week.

For those of you waiting for the bracelets to show up on Etsy, they are not there quite yet.  I continue to wait for the silver plates.  The bracelets are all made {upcycled belts}, and patiently waiting for their final touch.  I'm not sure what's up with our mail lately.  Our mail carrier passed away this past December.  Ever since then, whoever is the carrier now just can't quite get it right.  I never mail things from our mailbox, I always just drop it off at the post office in the next town over on my way through.  Well, in January, I wasn't going to go in town for a couple of days so I mailed 2 bills from our mailbox.  A month and a half later, the checks were finally received.  One was going to the same town we live in and one to the town next to us.  A month and a half!!  Now, I'm waiting for my "priority mail" box that should have been delivered on Thursday.  So frustrating.

It's been a tough weekend, which is why this will be a short post.  It started with me up at 1:30 a.m. Friday night vomiting.  Then, every single hour until 9:30 a.m. I vomited.  Yesterday was a bit of a blur since although I wasn't vomiting as much I was completely exhausted and worn out.  The strange thing is I wasn't sick.  I had no other symptoms.  My husband and I ate the same exact foods and he was fine.  Today I feel fine, just a bit tired and sore.

The Coop Girls are so much enjoying prepping my garden beds for me.  They adore their time in the sunshine.  We worked in the yard on Thursday, raking and cleaning it up, and the girls were cleaning up the garden.  We always knew when one found a worm because she would take off running with all the others in tow.  Around the yard they would go until the girl with the worm either lost it or was able to gobble it down.  A few minutes later the show would happen again with another chicken.

Hoping you're having a wonderful weekend and beautiful weather where you are!!


Flat Creek Farm said...

Sorry you had stomach issues. How awful! But hopefully it's all past now. Love the pics of your "free birds." I am an overprotective mom.. and never let my girls/boys out of their pen/coop area (sigh.. I just can't let go...). I still have a chicken tractor on my bucket list.. also doubling as a goose tractor for my pair of pampered geese. I bring treats, grass & greens in season, etc.. to my babies. But it just isn't the same. to me, the 'worm show' is about the most amusing thing to watch. ever :D best wishes with the Etsy opening. I feel your pain with mail issues!! have a great week! -Tammy

Michaele said...

Really beautiful photos. Sorry to hear you were so sick!

daisy g said...

UGH! Not a fun way to spend a weekend. At least it passed quickly.

Love seeing your garden come alive! It's gonna be a bumper year!

Rani said...

I love the photos of the chickens in the beds. I just started my first flock. I have 4 1-week old chicks peeping from a box in our den. Eeeeeeh!

Sorry about the blech. Hopefully no one else got it!!

Unknown said...

Always love to watch a worm chase! I'm always amazed to see pictures of 'normal' sized hens... I have four bantams and they're so tiny. Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Love the chic pics. Bracelets are going to be great. You have the same mail carrier we do, apparently. Hope you feel better, stomach bug going around here too. xo Kim