blueberry bush

I spy strawberry flowers!!


We received quite a bit of rain Friday night into Saturday which gave my garden {and lawn} a boost.  We're eating asparagus at least every 2-3 days which we are enjoying immensely.  Today I noticed morels growing by the potato boxes so I'm pretty excited about that as well.

The Coop Girls aren't allowed out right now unless we are with them.  They can't be trusted in the garden with the tiny sprouts of plants.  As you can imagine, this does not make for very happy girls.  What does make them happy, however, is the grass clippings.  They know they get the clippings so when the lawnmowers come out they all gather at the end of the outdoor coop and chant, waiting impatiently for the first batch of green.  Once we dump it in they get busy scratching and pecking.  There is complete silence until they feel they've exhausted that batch and need another. Then, the chanting begins again.   Even Little Lizzie who is broody again comes out to celebrate.  It is very funny.

Our strawberry plants have flowers!  So excited.  We were going to move the plants last year and didn't get to it so this year they'll be moved after the fruit is gathered.  They currently share half of the asparagus bed which we'll allow the asparagus to continue to reproduce and fill the bed.  My husband was offered a blackberry bush in late Fall last year so we weren't able to plant it until a couple of weeks ago.  Fingers crossed it survives.  It produces huge blackberries.

It's a busy time of the year.  The garden needs watering and weeding daily, and the flower beds need desperately to be fully weeded.  Our home has been filled with the delicious soap and lotion scents as we prepare for the farmer's market.  I am very behind so it's a bit crazy around here.  Coconut Cream is, by far, the most popular body butter scent so I've been making up quite a bit of that.  I leave the lids off a bit longer than needed as they body butter sets so the scent can linger in the air.

On the menu this week:  Smoked Chicken Quarters with Mac & Cheese and Asparagus, Grilled Pork Country Spare Ribs with Creamy Risotto and Broccoli, Spaghetti & Meatballs with Creamed Corn {the last of the frozen corn}, Grilled Southwestern Chicken Breast with Mexican Rice and Salad, and Grilled Chipotle-Marinaded Flank Steak with Rice and Grilled Asparagus Spears.

Hoping you've had a wonderful weekend!

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Unknown said...

I coming to your house for dinner!!!

Mary said...

It restores my soul to have everything green and blossoming again. Except for mowing, which we are having to do every 5-6 days or so, with all the rain we've had. Your coop girls would love it. I used our one hot day to give Abby a good shampooing which we both enjoyed. So satisfying to see a winter's worth of dirt slide away in the soapy water.
How do you season your asparagus for grilling? Your menu for this week sounds delicious!

Caitlin said...

All that food sounds delicious! It's so exciting to see everything sprouting up in your garden.. it looks lovely :) Best of luck keeping your chickens out of the sprouts!


Your chickens are gorgeous! :)

Unknown said...

Your blooms are beautiful and I'm jealous over your asparagus! I just planted some crowns this year, so we'll have some in 3 years...hahaha!

daisy g said...

Ooooooh, look at all that green! I'll bet your strawberries will be delicious! How blessed you are to have fresh asparagus several nights a week.
Life there sounds pretty dang good!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks all! And yes, that asparagus is truly amazing. :)