peonies are still blooming

elderberry flowers

tomatoes are coming!

beautiful miniature roses {plus visitor}

garlic scapes


I just love when so many things are in bloom!  Our garden is growing by leaps and bound every single day.

We are THRILLED to have two huge bushes of elderberry flowers this year.  This will be their third year since we planted them and they've grown enormous.  I can't wait to make Elderberry Syrup for our home apothecary cabinet.  If I have enough I'll try Elderberry Jam as well.

With the big bundle of beautiful garlic scapes I made garlic scape pesto.  If you've never made it, it's a great way to add flavor to soups, pizza or pasta dishes and we keep ours stored in the freezer so we can use it as we wish.  The recipe I use is a non-nut pesto and includes additional herbs like basil or cilantro.  I'll try to get it posted this week or next week in case any of you are looking for ways to use up the yummy scapes.

The Coop Girls are in full production and can't wait for the loads of garden bounty to come their way.  Right now they inherit all of the weeds I pull, which makes them very happy.  I like to throw greens and garden extras in my bundt pan, top it off with water, freeze it, then give the frozen treat ring to them.  It keeps them busy, allows everyone to get some of the goodies, and provides them with ice on hot days.  Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to try and do a post on this as well as on the specifics of our coop.  We are getting quite a few emails with questions about our coop so I figured it would be easiest to put it all in one post.  In the meantime, if you have questions, I'm happy to answer them.

I've also received requests for more articles on blogging.  I'll be writing a bit about how I come up with posts.  If there are additional things you'd like to read about, please let me know.  It helps to hear from all of you with ideas when I have writer's block.  :-)

The farmer's market has slowed as school is now out and graduation parties and vacations are taking up weekends.  We hope it picks back up in the next couple of weekends.  We've had great responses to our body butters, deodorants, soap, lip balm and, of course, eggs.  Soap is curing and we should be adding more to our Etsy store soon.  Sugar scrubs should be up in the next month too!

I tried a recipe a couple of weeks ago for Strawberry "Magic" Ice Cream which uses sweetened condensed milk and does not require an ice cream machine.  Sadly, there was nothing magical about the taste.  It was too strong of sweetened condensed milk flavor and just didn't taste like ice cream.  I won't be sharing the recipe - it received a big thumbs down from my taste tester.  Tonight I'm making another new recipe - Peaches and Cream pie.  The peaches are roasted prior to adding them to the pie in order to decrease excessive juices that come with peaches.  Fingers crossed it's a winner!

On the menu this week:  BBQ Pork Chops with Creamy Orzo and Salad; Fish Tacos with Mexican Rice and Avocado Salad; Grilled Marinated Flank Steak with Homefries and Asparagus {from the garden!}; Dry Rub Grilled Bone-In Chicken with Pasta and Coleslaw; Southwest Chicken and Rice; and Homemade Pizza and Grilled Wings with Salad.

Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!

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Simply Quaint said...

Hello there I just came upon your blog....love it๐Ÿ˜€. We just planted two elderberry bushes this year, I have been making elderberry jelly for years and it is by far my families favorite.... In the past we were able to harvest wild elderberries but they are coming moire and more hard to find.....we have also planted raspberries and more strawberries....we have blackberries which we should get a good little crop from them this year along with apple trees.....
I look forward to following your blog....have a wonderful weekend and upcoming fourth...

daisy g said...

What a fabulous idea for the chickens to get a cool treat!
Glad you are enjoying your harvests.
Sounds like you've got a lot brewing in the soap department.

Continued blessings to you and yours...

September Violets said...

Nice photos, flowers in my garden have sort of slowed as the spring blooms have finished, but not all summer flowers are in yet. Lots of green! Love the shots of hen & pooch ;) Enjoy your day. Wendy x

Mary said...

Oliver looks so serious in that photo. Adorable! Looking forward to that pesto recipe. I'm crazy about basil pesto and use it in so many dishes. I add two large dollops to the turkey burgers that I make every week, and they are so good.

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies said...

Your peonies are beautiful! I really need to get some planted this year.