Coop Girl Daisy


the outdoor coop in the morning

poblano peppers

purple coneflowers are coming to an end

blueberry bushes are done for the year

butternut squash


tomatoes are plentiful

Green Clay and Lime soap

Asian Pears

hungry chickens

Coop Girl Wilma


Aren't 3-day weekends the best?  There's time to get things done AND relax a bit.

Saturday was beautiful weather although the heat and humidity are in full force now.  It rained a good portion of yesterday, making my garden and the Coop Girls happy.  I know, typically the Coop Girls don't like rain.  They do, however, like when there is time between showers to run out and search for worms that come to the surface.  Such was the day yesterday.  Showers, then worm hunting, then showers, then worm hunting, and so on.  They were chatting about the excitement of the next hunt every time the showers picked up forcing them to run back to the coop for cover.

My loofah plants are struggling.  The plants themselves look beautiful but the loofah is about the size of my pinky fingernail.  Not good when it's already September.  I planted them in late May, giving them plenty of time to develop.  I'll change garden beds when I try them next year to see if that helps.  Bummer.

We are still getting cucumbers - I've got about 40 in the refrigerator right now.  I'm thinking more pickles are on the agenda.  With the sunshine today I think we'll have quite a few tomatoes ripen which will be used to make a huge bowl of fresh salsa we'll enjoy this week.

I'm trying my hand at my first ever Elderberry pie.  My husband is all excited - it reminds him of childhood.  Fingers crossed it tastes delicious.  We planted 2 elderberry bushes 3 years ago and they are both about 6 foot high and 4-5 feet wide.  They are wonderful!  I may have to plant more or take cuttings from these two since I would like to add elderberry flower jam, and elderberry syrup to my canning list.

Next week I plan to make jalapeno jelly.  My jalapenos should be ready by then.  We've been eating them as they ripen, but it looks like I've got a large enough batch that will be ready all at the same time next week.  Pickled jalapeno's are also on the list should I have extras.  I may also make carrot cake jam.  We'll see what else becomes ready.

Oh, and exciting news - our corn is wonderful!  Next year I will definitely be planting much more of the variety we used this year.  It is crunchy, sweet and delicious.

Saturday I was thinking of our upcoming October getaway and how delicious it will be to end the day at Bertucci's restaurant in Massachusetts.  That got me thinking about their amazing rolls.  I suddenly realized their rolls taste a lot like my pizza crust recipe.  I happened to be making Beef-Mozzarella bake Saturday night and had some of the pizza dough in the freezer.  Rolls would be perfect, I thought.  Don't you know they were delicious AND tasted very much like those served at Bertucci's?  Hooray!

If you're interested in making them, if you're making the full recipe into rolls, separate the dough into 12 rolls and shape them into a ball.  Put them on a greased baking sheet {or line it with parchment or a silpat mat} and cover with a clean dish towel.  Allow to rest and rise for 40 minutes.  Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and bake them 12-15 minutes.  Delicious!  {the dough freezes very well for a couple of months if you'd prefer to only make a half-batch}

On the menu this week:  Beef-Mozzarella Bake with Corn/Squash mix and Homemade Rolls; Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Rice, and Summer Squash Bake; Beef/Bean/Rice Burritos with homemade Salsa and Salad; Chicken Teriyaki with Potstickers and fresh veggie saute; and Grilled Marinated Sirloin Steak and Rice and Steamed Green Beans.

Hoping you've had a wonderful weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful weekend at your farm Staci. I've been thinking about planting elderberry - let us know how the pie turns out and do share the recipe! xo kim

daisy g said...

You're still getting lots of goodies from your wonderful garden! Our fall planting season has started, but I'm a bit behind.
Sorry to hear about the loofahs. Hope they do better in the new spot.
I will be finding some of that corn to plant next year in our new garden!

Your weekend posts are always so enjoyable!