evenings at the beach....life is good

someone caught his dinner!

travelers headed to Block Island

our niece was married at the beach!

We are back from the beach.  As happens in life from time-to-time, we've had wonderful things happen this weekend and not so wonderful things.  We'll start with the wonderful.

Our niece was married in Rhode Island on Saturday and the weather was amazing.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  She had asked me to photograph it, which was a bit nerve wracking.  I told J that although I know how to photograph pies, chickens and dogs, {none of which came in handy for this....} I have no clue on photographing a wedding.  Thankfully the weather was perfect - not too sunny, not too overcast, and the pictures turned out beautifully.

The animals all stayed home for our beach venture.  This was disappointing to the dogs since the LOVE the beach.  We have 2 of the best pet sitters ever and one stayed with all the "kids" to take care of them.  Jackson even behaved!  Today he's being a bit of a handful, but I was happy to hear he didn't pull any crazy stunts with her.

Today we have beautiful sunshine but chilly weather.  I'll be picking much of the garden today since the temps are dipping this week.  I've also got 2 wedding soap orders to prep and pack.  Only memories of the beach remain.  We were able to walk the beach before retiring for the night and start our day on the beach - what a luxury!

And on to the bad.  I lost an Uncle this weekend.  He passed away after having been very sick for a few weeks.  Death is never easy and talking with my Grandmother afterward was quite difficult.  She said "you know, I've lost 2 sons and a husband now".  My hope is she will be able to pull herself back up from the sadness.  He will certainly be missed.

Hoping you are all having a wonderful weekend.

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Flickenstichlerin said...

Sorry to read about the loss of your uncle. My thoughts and good wishes go out to you and your grandmother.