Jack's Winter Obsession {and it doesn't include stealing.....}

My man Jackson has a deep-rooted love.
Love of something he only sees in the Winter.
Flannel sheets.
Clean flannel sheets.

He does also enjoy clean summer sheets, but not quite as much as the flannels.
When I switch out the flannel sheets I have to give him a few extra minutes to enjoy.

When I change the sheets, Jack paces until I get the fitted and flat sheets on the bed.
Then he jumps up on the bed.

It starts with lovingly sniffing the sheets.
Yes, sniffing.

Then he grabs the sheets with his claws and drags his body all over the bed. 

In between the dragging from side to side, he spins onto his back.
This continues until I finally boot him off the bed.

Life is good!

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doris sander said...

way too cute!

daisy g said...

I'm right there with ya Jack! (OK, maybe not the sniffing, but the snuggling, for sure.)

Rebecca Van Sickle said...

This made me giggle when I read it. The cat does it when I making the bed and I have a dog who does that at night when we go to bed. He too is especially happy when the winter months come around because he can snuggle in to the sheets after he's spent at least 20 minutes rooting around underneath.

Love always,
Miss B

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

How fun is that? I feel like that doing that too, there's nothing like warm, fresh comfy sheets!

I hope you're doing well, and I hope you have a good weekend too!

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

Jackson is the BEST! Love his adventures and his stories....you could write a wonderful children's book about sweet Jack!! (The moral of the story could be to never take something that isn't yours!!) :-)

Marge Woods said...

too cute - not as cute but funny one of our cats Speedy sets by my husband when he changes each litter box (2) and cannot wait for him to get done so he is first in.

Shirley Elliott said...

Jackson is such a beautiful cat. His antics with the flannel sheets are priceless. Thanks for sharing!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much all. Chris - he is full of life lessons. Mostly what not to do. :)

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I must admit I am bit obsessed with Jack and his antics...he is so adorable! Cathy

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies said...

LOL! I saw your teaser on facebook about this, so have been wanting to see what his obsession was. Smart kitty!