tomatoes stolen from the garden mean big excitement!


That one word sums up our weekend.

We are working very hard on this one full weekend we have "off".  When I say off, I mean no craft shows or farmer's markets to attend.  But that means we need to get products made for the start of the Winter Farmer's market season as well as the Holiday craft shows.  They all start next weekend.

How is it the end of October already?

We were at the craft store yesterday picking up a few things and lo and behold there were Christmas items out.



I know, it's nice to get started with shopping and crafting early but it just doesn't seem like it should be that time already.

My attempt at making caramel apples this weekend was a bust.  I had no luck finding caramel.  How can that be???  It's Fall!  Rather than making it from scratch, because of lack of time, I thought for sure I would be able to buy it in the store.  Wrong.  Instead, I went online and ordered it so we'll be enjoying them next weekend.

I do have puff pastry in the freezer and almonds in the pantry so I'm thinking of a possible apple tart on puff pastry with a smear of freshly made frangipane.  It seems like it would be delicious - fingers crossed it turns out that way.

Despite the fact that we've had a few frosts, we are still enjoying the last of the tomatoes {and the Coop Girls are enjoying stealing them while they "help" around the yard}.  Broccoli is continuing to produce and the carrots we planted for an early spring harvest are looking great.

Speaking of the Coop Girls, they are producing very few eggs between molting and the seasonal change.  We had a production meeting the other day because we are receiving 1-3 eggs a day between the 14 girls.  I told them I think we could at least get a couple more.  After all, some of the girls are younger and not molting much this year.  During the meeting I think Allie scoffed at me and dared me to follow through with my threat of bringing in more girls.  Their expected arrival is Wednesday this week.  She'll have more soldiers to do her digging for worms since although she enjoys eating, she doesn't enjoy the work to get them.

Jack had on his grouchy pants for most of Saturday.  Seems the little man got up on the wrong side of the bed and was tired and cranky.  Today, however, is a new day.  Jack has discovered a new trick.  He's always up for new discoveries.  He has a cat perch a few feet from the bottom of the stairs.  He figured out this morning that if he runs down the stairs at top speed and jumps onto his perch that it will rock back and forth, just short of falling over on it's side.  He hangs on, ears back, with his claws.  It seems this is fun for him, although he looks like a stressed-out mess while it's rocking back and forth, so that's what he's been up to for entertainment today.  As long as it keeps him out of trouble.....

Soup has been in full production for lunches since the temp's have dipped for Fall.  Chicken and Rice, Cheeseburger Soup, Tortellini/Spinach/Sausage Soup, Baked Potato Soup and Chicken Tortilla Soup have all been on the menu these last couple of weeks.  Soup and homemade bread.  Is there anything better?

On the dinner menu this week:  Lasagna with salad and Pizza Dough Rolls; Chicken and Biscuits; Pulled Pork Sandwiches in the Slow-Cooker with Mac & Cheese and Broccoli; Grilled BBQ Chicken Quarters with Rice and Squash; Grilled Steaks with Homefries and Squash; Chicken Florentine with Creamy Kohlrabi.

We're hoping you're having a wonderful weekend!!

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Kim said...

Sounds like you are a having a lovely busy fall.

Michaele said...

Sometimes I think we are living parallel lives. I have been working diligently on inventory for upcoming craft fairs and the mall store. I for one am glad Hobby Lobby has Christmas things available - I need them! My chickens are taking a well deserved rest from their hard work and are taking this time to work on molt and preparing for winter. They still leave me "just enough" eggs.
I love your photos and you always inspire me with your creativity.
Soup's on here too. Along with lots of green chili chicken tomatillo stew : )
Any luck fining a property? Hang in there.

September Violets said...

You do sound like a busy gal! Love the pics from around your place, beautiful autumn images. Enjoy your week. Wendy x

daisy g said...

Oooh, that broccoli looks good! With Jack around, who needs tv? Hope your week goes smoothly. Enjoy!

daisy g said...

Oooh, that broccoli looks good! With Jack around, who needs tv? Hope your week goes smoothly. Enjoy!

The Desert Echo said...

What gorgeous photos. Makes me yearn for the cool weather, it is really hot here in Melbourne at the moment.