Betty stopping by for a visit
Fall broccoli

caramel and chocolate dipped apples!


garden helpers

the new girls
today's broccoli harvest
Oliver and Emerson

fall butternut squash

Happy chilly Sunday.  Well, it's chilly here anyway.  In this last photo yes, that's a tad bit of snow.  We received a very light dusting Thursday/Friday and again this morning.  We have a winter weather advisory for tomorrow morning.  The back and forth of cool to warmer temps is officially over.

Yesterday we took a break from making/packaging product and were able to get a few things done outside including the rest of our Fall garden clean-up.  It was all hands on deck.  The Coop Girls searched for bugs, worms and leftover veggies.  The dogs made sure the fire was going in the house and the cats, well, they made sure the bed stayed warm in case we wanted to nap.  That's what they do best.  The new Coop Girls even got in on the action, although they are very leery of going very far from the Coop, so they cleaned the perimeter.  Speaking of them, they are doing very well and we are still coming up with names other than "the new Coop girls".

During our clean up, Coop Girl Betty decided to go visiting.  She went to the house to see if the dogs or cats would come out to visit, or better yet, to see if they would invite her in to enjoy the pellet stove.  No answer.  She went to J's shop but he was outside.  So again, no answer.  Poor girl.  She struck out on the visits and went back to work in the garden.

We currently have 21 chickens and we are getting 1-2 eggs every 2 days.  {sigh.....} Between molting and the shorter days, that's as good as it gets for now.  Caylie and Anna should be laying soon so at least we'll get 2 more eggs every other day.

I finally completed caramel and chocolate-covered apples and had hoped to make an apple pie this weekend, but that just didn't happen.  Maybe next weekend.

Broccoli is the only thing left in the garden and just keeps giving and giving to us.  Next month we'll start planning next year's garden.  Always one of my favorite things to do!  My first flip through the seed catalogs always results in me wishing for far more vegetables than we could ever eat or fit in our garden.  Then, the list gets narrowed to a much more reasonable {and affordable} size before they finally get ordered.

But for now, the Holidays must be planned.  Can you believe how quickly it's coming?

Hoping you're having a wonderful weekend!

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Nanna Chel said...

Those apples look yummy! We are in the middle of a heatwave here in Queensland Australia and I almost wish I was over there where it is cooler. Your chooks are always so entertaining :-)

daisy g said...

Oooooh, your broccoli looks absolutely mouth-watering! So glad you are still able to harvest something.
Sounds like a warm, cozy place to be with the upcoming weather.

Those apples look scrumptious! There's always something good being made at your farm.

Linda said...

Lovely photos.

Caitlin said...

All these photos are so beautiful! The new Coop Girls sound like fun and Betty sounds like quite the character :) Your butternut squash came out great, I can't wait to try my hand at growing them next year.

Sue Frelick said...

'Tis the craft show season and I expect you are crazy busy. Hope all is going well in your world, Staci. :-)