our almost complete bathroom/laundry layout 

Have you ever had a weekend where you got so many random things done it felt like 2 weekends rather than one?  That's this past weekend for us.  It was a busy and successful one.

Although each of the two mornings started in a hurry and ended with exhaustion, there was still something satisfying, some sort of comfort, in the entire weekend.  I think after the craziness of the Holiday season, having just simply a busy weekend is a relief.

First, the weather.  It's cold.  Negatives at night and single digits to low 20's for daytime highs.  Bits of snow, bits of ice, and bits of wind pretty much sum the week up.  All the animals except Emerson are feeling bummed out by the temps.  Oliver thinks his feet are freezing right off every single time we take him out.  He's getting good at walking on 3 paws during his dramatic reaction to being forced to go to the bathroom outside.  He's not, however, so good at walking on just his 2 front paws although he tries in his effort to show us how very much he dislikes the snow and ice.

The Coop Girls dislike it even more.  We open the Coop door to let them out and 2 or 3 girls come out, scope out the weather, turn around and tell the others how awful it is.  Every single one of them gets back on the roost to return to bed.  We tried persuading them by putting their daily treats outside.  Nope, doesn't work.  They let their treats freeze into big ice cubes rather than making an effort to go out and eat them.

So, Emerson is the only critter excited about Winter in our household.  I swear he believes winter {mostly the snow} comes every year just for him.  He hops through the snow like a bunny some days and races through in sheer excitement other days.  Even at 5a.m.......this is clearly not learned behavior from either of us.  We aren't very lively at that time.

We've pretty much finalized our plans for our new bathroom.  I've attached a couple of almost complete drawings above.  We've made 2 more minor changes since those drawings.  We've also figured out all details such as porcelain marble-like tiles for the shower with a river rock floor, white furniture, nickel hardware/fixtures/shower valve, dark brown bamboo flooring, and quartzite countertops.  The renovation includes new insulation, drywall, windows and door.  That's what has been so challenging, trying to figure out how to best use the new space. The kick-off weekend isn't until Mother's Day weekend, but we can begin gathering the materials and placing orders for special order items over the next couple of months.  Very exciting!

The market has slowed some but still keeps us busy.  We're placing container and ingredient orders this week to get stocked back up on all existing product and to get our new product out.  We have shaving brushes being made by a fellow farmer's market vendor and shaving mugs will hopefully be made for us soon by a potter we've been speaking with. We have a couple of other accessories in the works that are exciting too.

On the menu this week:  Stuffed Cabbage Rolls {farmer's market vendors are still selling fresh cabbage} and Kohlrabi Salad {leftover from the garden}; BBQ Pork Chops with Scalloped Potatoes and Green Beans; Baked Tilapia with Salad {greens from the farmer's market} and Rice; Chicken Chili with Rice and Cornbread; Spaghetti and Meatballs with Corn; and Chicken, Rice and Broccoli One-Skillet Meal.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!

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Sue Frelick said...

Animal antics in winter! You've captured it. :-) I am looking forward to seeing those bathroom renos. The layout looks good. I've had stacking machines (like the ones in your plan) and liked them. Lots to look forward to!

daisy g said...

Those icicles look magical. So exciting that you will have a wonderful new bathroom layout. I also want the river rock floor in our future shower. Love that look!

Hope you have lots of hot cocoa to keep you toasty!

windyacers5870 said...

Thank u for sharing about your animals and the bitter cold. We are new at the small farm life but were making a go of it. Were dealing with the same, sometimes comical issues with our animals and the weather.

Michaele said...

Really neat ice photos! You are just going to work yourself right through winter. Go you!