Jack on "his" bed


Caylie and Anna's first eggs!

Birthday boys - Emerson and Oliver
If you follow us on facebook then you know yesterday morning started with a tragedy.  Not for us, thankfully, but sadly for one of our neighbors.  Saturday morning they heard their pigs squealing and the rooster frantically crowing and went outside to find their barn up in flames.  The barn is demolished and they lost his 3 pigs and a couple of chickens in the fire.  It is believed to have started from an extension cord.  They are keeping in good spirits, as tough as it is, and grateful they and most of their animals are ok.  It sure makes you realize how much you could quickly lose and confirms the need to show gratitude for everyday and for every little thing.

It has been exceptionally cold with the lows in the negatives and highs in the single digits to low teens.  As you know from last weekends' cold weather report, the animals are not very happy about this.  Oliver still believes his limbs are slowly freezing off, the Coop Girls think it's a mean and awful trick someone is playing and even poor Emerson gets a bit bummed now by the cold, although he's still absolutely thrilled with the snow.  I'm amazed we have any left in the yard as much of it as he eats!

Right now it's all ice.  Ice everywhere.  The driveway is full of it, the sidewalk, the steps - all ice.  Yuck.

I vowed at the beginning of the year to try using my slow cooker more often and have finally started working on that goal.  I'm trying to write 1 or 2 new slow cooker recipes onto the weekly menu plan.  Do you make more than main dish items in yours?  I don't use my slow cooker much for soups, sides or desserts and am trying new recipes in those categories as well.

Speaking of cooking, the Farmer's Market we sell at is having a Chili Contest this coming Sunday.  All the vendors are asked to enter and we are entering a version of this Chicken Chili recipe.  Jay was doing a little smack talk this past Sunday.  He was telling vendors not to bother bringing their chili because "we" are going to win.  We????  I asked.  Since when do "we" cook?  He decided the "we" was me cooking and him eating it = "we".  He has named "our" chili the Kick-Ass Cobble Hill Chicken Chili.  There you go.

Jack is as naughty as ever.  His "mission possible" last night was keeping us all up.  He makes any mission like that possible by biting your toes, jumping on your back, rubbing against your face and racing around the bedroom like a Nascar driver, all while you try to sleep.  Then, like most cats, while we work all day he rests up for the next night's activities.  Quite a life.

And speaking of critters....guess who turns 5 tomorrow????  My big boys Oliver and Emerson.  Yup - can you believe it?  Emerson is wishing for lots and lots of cookies for his Birthday.  Oliver is wishing for a big bowl of homemade chicken and rice - his favorite.  They will get the chicken and rice and a cookie each.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

Jack cracks me up! Stay warm over there...and send some egg laying vibes our way. Our ladies have popped out a whole whopping 3 eggs...in a month. I know they are stressed from moving, and it is winter...but need to get on the ball! Happy monday!

daisy g said...

So sorry to hear about your neighbors, but I guess it could have been worse. Thank God they are okay.

Oh my. That is cold. All that ice must make driving quite perilous. Be careful, friend.

My favorite thing to make in the crockpot is a whole chicken and then making chicken stock the same night. I also like how easy it is to make lasagna in it. Today I'm planning on cooking fish for the first time in it.

Happy birthday boys! I know your momma will treat you right!

Liz said...

Very sad to read about your neighbors barn! Happy 5th Birthday to Emerson and Oliver! May they have a fun day celebrating! Good luck in the chili contest! Let us now how you do.

Sarah said...

Everytime I see your dogs I want to go look for a Frenchie!!! Hopefully things have warmed up a bit for you. I do some soups in the slow cooker but mostly sides. My favorite Italian beef is done in the slow cooker. My sister uses the slow cooker for EVERYTHING! At Thanksgiving she makes the most amazing mushroom stuffing recipe!

Michaele said...

Barn fires are so awful. I hope the animals were alright. I enjoy reading your updates. Hope it warms up for you soon.