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It was, for the most part, a very nice weekend.  Yes, we had rain and drizzle yesterday and a bit this morning as well, but the temp's are in the 30's and it feels great!  We even had a bit of sunshine today!!

Between the slowly rising temps and the seeds appearing in the mail, I can't help but get just a tad bit excited in anticipation of Spring.

The Coop Girls are so excited that the weather has held up to allow them outside time all week.  They've even stayed up past their usual bedtime this week!!  I love to come home and listen to their chit chat.  I could sit there and watch them for hours.

Our Saturday was spent making product.  J made soap while I worked on Beard Oil, Deodorant and salves.  And then a catastrophe......well, not quite a catastrophe but you would have thought it was.  You see, 3 of the 4 soap scents J was making seize up quick {we call this accelerated trace in the soap world} and J still isn't real confident in what to do when this happens, so, it was a bit of a mess there for awhile.  He wasn't able to achieve the swirls of color we usually get, but we made it through.

I shared in this post that one of my goals for this year was to try and publish an online magazine, at least an edition or two this year.  Then, on our Facebook page, I mentioned that we FINALLY had a magazine title.  Although I can't release it yet {Trademark hasn't gone through}, I can tell you that I had a heck of a time with the name.  I couldn't believe that every single name, out of the 10-12 I had jotted down, have been taken somewhere in the world in one form or another.  I couldn't believe it!

Perhaps it's because we are starting to tire of the veggies we preserved last Fall, or maybe the excitement of Spring, but we've had a recent obsession with avocado's.  Luckily, they've been on sale for the past couple of weeks.  I've thought about trying to freeze them for times of the year when the price rises.  Have any of you tried this?

This evening is full of and lunch and dinner prep for the coming week.  Makes it so much easier getting lunches packed in the mornings and getting dinner on the table at a reasonable time each evening.  I'll also be starting another batch of Kimchi which I absolutely love.  Do you ferment any foods?  And this evenings meal will be Corned Beef with Cabbage, Carrots and Potatoes.  Although it would typically be served on St. Patrick's day, I won't have the time necessary to make it on that day, so tonight is our pre-celebration.  Minus the Soda Bread because I forgot to buy currants.  :)

On the menu this week:  Corned Beef with Cabbage, Carrots and Potatoes; Chicken Chili with Cornbread Muffins; BBQ Pork Chops with Butternut Risotto and Greens; Ravioli with Meat Sauce and Broccoli; Tilapia with Rice and Greens;

Hoping you've had a wonderful weekend!!

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Cindy said...

We love risotto, but it takes a while. Any tips on week night prep? Do you know some shoetcuts? I haveadequate it in the pressure cooker and it was great. Still took a bit, but I wasn't standing there stirring. I have lots of kale, lettuce, radishes, and other greens up, and like you I am just itching to do more. We built a cold frame this year and it is so good for starting my summer crops. I am going seed starting mad! Lol

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Cindy - no way to cut the cook time for risotto, however, I often cook oven-baked risotto {see recipe index} so I don't have to babysit it during dinner prep. It's a bit drier than regular risotto but we enjoy it. :) Good for you on the cold frame. That's on the to-do list for summer!!

daisy g said...

I adore seeing the eggs you get from your ladies.
And that bread is so tempting! Oh, you're a bad influence on this carb-lovin' gal. ;0)

So excited about your upcoming magazine! You are so ambitious! I'm sure it will be chocked full of interesting and informational articles.

Yay for warmer temps and seed catalogs! It's right around the corner, friend.
Enjoy your week.

Cr said...

I've had good luck freezing excess guacamole. I mash up the avocado, add the lime juice and spices, but leave out the tomatoes, onion, green peppers (basically the watery veggies). Put it in a baggie and squeeze out all the air (really important) and freeze flat. I'd think you could do the same with just avocado and lime juice. Not sure if plain avocado would brown too much.