Betty checking out the soap photography

Allie not only came up to see what was going on, but decided to take a break while she was here.

An exhausted Ollie

Are you ready for zucchini yet?
My, I hope you had as beautiful a weekend in your neck of the woods as we had here.  Yesterday was just brilliant and today, although cooler, was absolutely breath taking.

Our snow is just about gone.  A few stubborn patches remain but I have no doubt they'll disappear with the expected rain tomorrow.  We have gone through the chicken coop and cleaned it completely out for Spring, which gave the Coop Girls a lot to chat about, and the garden beds are prepped and ready to go.  This also gave the Coop Girls a lot to chat about since anytime we work in the garden they assume there will be fresh veggies coming their way.  No veggies yet ladies.......

While photographing some of the soap this week the Coop Girls decided they needed to know what I was up to and Allie and Betty both photo bombed my shoot.  The very first photo with Betty looking over the soap cracks me up.  I was bent down taking the photo and all of a sudden a reddish brown feathered head was looking right at me.  I think she thought I had food, because before I knew it she was prancing around the table, checking everything out.  Allie enjoyed it so much she lay down and decided to take a rest.  Right there next to the soap.  So while she rested we chit chatted about the day.  Next thing you know she was off and running to look for worms and bugs.

Oliver and Emerson were outside most of yesterday with us, so when we all finally came in, they were completely exhausted.  You can see from the photo above that Ollie started chewing on his favorite bone and then fell asleep mid-chew.  The bone fell out of his mouth and lay next to him while he fell into a deep sleep.  If I'm being honest, I really wanted to get down there and lay right next to him.  But that didn't happen - too much to do.

Today we were at the farmer's market.  One more weekend and then we move outside!  It was a wonderful day and we were so grateful that so many of our friends have stopped by over the past few weekends.  I love shopping while I'm there - there's just so much to choose from!  Our friend Kylie made shaving mugs for us {seen on our facebook page}, and I also bought maple syrup, milk, homemade tortellini, pasta sauce, mozzarella {made fresh this morning}, mushrooms and apples.  Oh, and a DELICIOUS berry lemonade to drink while we were there.  Amazing!

The last photo {above} is of baby zucchini I bought at Trader Joe's last weekend.  I grilled them and served them with just a touch of butter.  Delicious!  To me zucchini says summer and boy are we getting ready for it.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!

On the menu this week:  Chicken and Pasta with Spinach Cream Sauce; BBQ Pork Tenderloin with Rice and frozen Butternut Squash {down to 6 packages}; Grilled Chicken Breast with Homemade Mushroom Ravioli, Sauce and Asparagus; Stuffed Red Peppers; Tilapia with Butter Bean & Cilantro Sauce, Rice and Broccoli {down to 4 packages of broccoli from last years garden}; Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots.

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daisy g said...

Sounds like you are ready to get out there and get your hands dirty. Glad the last of the snow is moving out. How wonderful that you are able to find so many great things at your market.

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies said...

Such beautiful girls!