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 I know it's Tuesday.....I guess I'm better late than never on a weekend post.

It was beautiful in our area over the weekend including a light frost Friday night and today we are drenched in humidity.  Ok, not quite drenched, but the humidity is up there and rising along with the temps.

It's been a challenge to keep the garden hydrated.  Despite that, quite a few things are popping up and looking good.  We've been harvesting radishes, scallions and asparagus and tomatoes are coming soon.  The exception to things looking good is one of our Asian Pear trees.  The one that has produced a massive amount of fruit the last couple of years.  Although I'm not sure what has infected it, we are pretty sure it has died.  It's a bummer.

We picked up our 30 chicks on Friday.  Oliver adores them and wants to give them all kisses.  Constantly.  He's a bit much though, and we fear giving the poor little ones a heart attack with his big mug in their face so his time with them is very limited.

Onto the Coop Girls.  Coop Girl Betty and I have a new evening routine.  She comes racing out of the Coop when I go out to lock them in.  The rest of the girls are starting to go to sleep on the roosts.  She and I lock the small door so the others can't get out and then we walk over to the garden shed.  Betty waits while I go inside for goodies.  Don't tell the others........her night-time snack is a small handful of freeze-dried meal worms.  She tells me they are DELICIOUS.  Especially because they are all hers.  After she polishes off the handful and checks around for any that may have fallen, we walk back to the coop and I put her to bed for the night.  She chats lightly, I'm sure telling the others that they are missing absolutely nothing.  Allie has started showing interest in our evening stroll and I have no doubt she may join us soon.

Our weekend was full of making product.  My sister-in-law and my mom came over and helped out.  They were a HUGE help. We had been getting behind but we were feeling pretty good by Saturday night with the back-stock.  Then on Sunday we sold like mad.  It was crazy!  Before we knew it we sold out of a couple boxes of soap, most of the deodorant, body butter and lotion and a ton of other products.  Our supply has gone back to looking like we haven't made any product in weeks!  Monday was going to be our day "off" and although we were able to relax a bit, we spent the afternoon making product.  J made 6 batches of soap and he's making 4 per night each day this week.

We are constantly amazed at the sales.

Here are a couple of photos from the market.  My sister-in-law sewed the rooster table runners for 2 of the tables, and for the soap tables we are having banners made that describe our soap, making it easier for our customers to identify which soaps have goats milk, tea and/or clays.

Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary at the Spa City Farmer's Market

We expanded to two booths this weekend and we are so happy we did!  It worked out great.  We were running out of room and it was too tight of a space for people to comfortably shop.  With the addition of laundry and facial products, we needed to expand our table space so we are now at 4 tables.

We weren't able to complete everything this weekend.  I started a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie yesterday but didn't finish it.  Tonight the kitchen was full of soap, deodorant and lotion.  Maybe tomorrow it will make it to the oven.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!!

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Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I so miss hearing about Jackson!! Hope he is doing well!!!!

daisy g said...

Looks like another busy weekend at Cobble Hill Farm!

Just the Right Size said...

I'm amazed at how far you've come! I've been reading your blog for a long time and I have no doubt that someday I will see your products being sold locally here in Virginia!