the Coop Girls enjoying a break from the rain

after the rain is the BEST time to find worms!

blueberries are here!
Oliver always lets Emerson know when he needs to be cleaned up
Happy 4th of July weekend!!  It's been wet, wet, wet.  This is not a complaint as I know that many of you live in areas that are desperately waiting for rain.  I sincerely wish I could send some your way.   If we could get a break then my tomatoes would have a chance at ripening although the rain sure is handy to water the garden!

I was able to get a bit of weeding done this weekend.   So excited about that!  I can actually see the cucumber and pepper plants again.  I was able to use the clothesline for a couple loads of laundry on Friday too before the rain set back in.

Blueberries are in season and they are delicious!!  We will be heading to our awesome local u-pick very soon.  We pick pounds and pounds to put up for use throughout the year.  Although we may not get to making jam this year, they are still delicious in pie, bread, pancakes, smoothies and yogurt.

So, we learned a valuable lesson Thursday night.  If you make soap every single night and you have a septic system, it's probably a good idea if you get your septic pumped annually.  Yup - the system was all backed up by about 8:30 p.m. Thursday night.  We were extremely fortunate that both a septic guy AND a plumber were available to come Friday morning.  We got lucky.  Despite our efforts to clean the bowls and utensils we make our product with before putting it in the dish water, the oils, lye, etc. that remains has wreaked a tad bit of havoc with the natural enzymes in the septic and we ended up with a system full of sludge.  The sludge backed up into the pipes and the next thing we knew, we couldn't use any water.  So, we'll be adding enzymes and having it pumped annually.

On a better note, the Coop Girls are enjoying the amount of worms that make their way to the surface after a rain.  They actually get a bit excited when the downpour begins.  Although they are not known for their patience {they get a bit cranky if it lasts longer than a couple of hours}, they sit, anticipating the gold mine and wait and wait for the rain to let up.  The moment it starts to let up they are in the dirt digging.  Dirt is flying, chatter is happening, and the running around begins with those who find the scrumptious little worms.

Today was a busy day at the market, and tonight, with dinner, dishes and animal chores behind us, we are relaxing for a couple of hours.  I was hoping to make a peach pie with crumb topping but I'll have to add that to the "to-do" list for tomorrow.

The chickens we are raising for meat are being processed this week.  This batch is really healthy which is nice to see.  And we've been fortunate to not have too extreme of temps for them.  We'll bring the next batch in the end of August to again {hopefully} avoid too much heat and humidity with them.  They just can't take it.

On the menu:  BBQ Country Pork Ribs with Mac & Cheese and Squash Stir Fry; Baked Cod and Fries with Green Salad; Smoked Chicken Quarter with Spicy Peach Glaze and Rice and Veggie Stir Fry; Beef Teriyaki Strips with Baked Potato Wedges and Roasted Broccoli; and Grilled Chicken Breast with Tortellini in Mushroom Sauce and Green Salad.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I love your chickens!! Isn't it the most adorable thing to see them so happy after a rain storm?
I discovered your blog about a month ago and I'm always looking forward to the beautiful pictures in your newsletter.

daisy g said...

Oh, no! Septic tanks really let you know when they are not happy, huh? Glad you got things worked out.

Congrats on getting all that rain. What a blessing. So much fun to see the girls doing their worm-hunting.

Hope you enjoyed your Fourth!