inside the big tent at the Adirondack Museum

This weekend was hot.  H-O-T.  Actually, Saturday wasn't nearly as bad as we expected but Sunday....yikes.  The temp's were in the low 90's but with humidity factored in, it is said to have felt like 100 degrees.  All I know is thank goodness for the very small and inconsistent breeze that helped me get through the day at the farmer's market.

We've been on the go since 4a.m. Saturday morning and finally stopped about 4p.m. Sunday evening.  Saturday we participated in a Craft show at the Adirondack Museum.  We loved it.  It is such a beautiful setting and the event was extremely well organized particularly factoring in the large size of the show and that this was only their second year.  The show was filled with such talented people that I couldn't help but do a little shopping while I was there including this loon decoy and this canvasback duck decoy.  I adore them as much as I adore the artist, Bob.  He and his wife were truly lovely people.

It was actually the Adirondacks that brought us to upstate New York.  We had never been here before and we were trying to figure out where to move after J retired from the Coast Guard when I saw the Adirondacks featured on tv.  I told him it felt like Washington State to me {my home state} and I wanted to visit.  We visited and liked it.  Next thing you knew we were moving to NY.

Sunday we were at the farmer's market and it was slow and hot.  We certainly expected it to be slow, I mean who would want to shop at an outdoor market on a day like that?  It was a day you should be at the beach or at least in the pool.  Not at the market.  And last night there was a flash flood and tornado warning but they passed without damage.

The garden is becoming overrun with weeds again which means I must take time over the next day or two {or three....} to give it the attention it needs.  My broccoli plants and lettuce are getting a tad bit hard to see.

The two red squirrels hanging around our property have been stealing more and more goodies from the Coop girls.  Those very naughty albeit cute critters sit and wait for us to give the girls their daily treat and then they sneak in to grab a bite or two.  If the girls get any bread, it usually takes them the better part of the day to eat it.  They peck at it bit by bit, or at least they used to.  Now, the squirrels try to steal any bread from the coop by forcing it through the fencing.  It's actually very funny to watch.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!

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daisy g said...

What a lovely place to be. I can't blame you a bit for doing a little shopping.

Enjoy your week!

Liz said...

That place looks beautiful! Oh I have been over run and out numbered by weeds this year!