Well, we got absolutely nothing accomplished this weekend.  With Oliver being sick we are both physically and emotionally drained.  Weather-wise, however, it was beautiful.

As you've read in my previous post, Oliver has IVDD.  Thank you Mabel, for reminding me about the Our Oslo site featuring another Frenchie with the same diagnosis.  It is just a bit too scary, reading her blog, the similarities between her Oslo and our Oliver - including that they look very much alike.  J started reading some of the posts then quickly closed the laptop and set it aside.  He said he couldn't stomach reading any further.  I get it - it's overwhelming to think about what could happen.  We just won't know for a couple of weeks.

It's funny, two weeks ago I thought I had bottomed out.  Completely exhausted with trying to juggle a 10+ hour workday outside of the home, running a business from home, and trying to keep up with the animals, cooking, etc.  Apparently I was wrong.  Because apparently, I didn't really know what exhaustion was.  I do now.  We haven't slept much in the past week.  Oliver has been in such intense pain at times and requires 24 hour care that I don't know which way is up.  I am emotionally drained, physically drained, and the thought of this bout possibly leading to spinal surgery has me scared beyond belief.  Oh, and to top it off, he's been constipated all week too.  So, we never know if the pain is his tummy or the rest of his poor little body.  I've broken down twice, praying to God to give him some pain relief and help heal his spine.  Still praying......

These are the times when we question our long-term goals.  Do we really want to add more animals to the mix?  I understand that farm animals are a bit different then cats and dogs, but not much.  I worry about the Coop Girls a good deal too so I can only imagine bringing goats, sheep, etc. on board and, well, "oh my" is all I can think today.  Perhaps if we can go down to one job at some point, prior to more animals, that would make things a tad bit better.

We did realize this past week that it's time to start Oliver his own savings account.  With lifelong issues the bills will rack up quite quickly {God knows they have thus far!}.  We haven't yet been taking an income from the business, but rather put everything back into it.  That will stop this week.  Although Oliver will not take a paycheck per-say, I mean the guy doesn't even have a social security card so we won't be able to fill out an I-9 form making him legal!  Nope, instead we'll take it on his behalf and put it aside into a medical account.  It appears the surgery {surgeries} he will need eventually will be upwards of $6,000 each, so it's time to start saving.  We only hope there is time to save before it happens.

Jackson has been quite the sitter.  He can't stand the quiet that now exists in the house and makes every effort to disrupt the day and night.  J and I take turns sleeping on an air mattress in the living room so we are close to Oliver to help him through the night.  Jack believes the mattress is for running on.  Just when you've finally dozed off for a half hour or so, you're woken to a madman running up and down beside you.  I guess it's his way of trying to help.

Emerson is a hot mess.  Between the pressure of taking on the job of his brother {Oliver is, by the way, the best supervisor we've all ever had} and worrying about his little sidekick, he's been pacing and visibly upset.  What he does like, however, is when Oliver will take his pills in a snack because Emerson LOVES pills {rather, the snacks}!!  Now we jokingly ask if both Oliver and Emerson are ready for their pills.

The Coop Girls, thankfully, are doing well.  Their little friend the red squirrel continues to steal their goodies.  Yesterday I tossed 4 bagels into their outdoor coop.  About 1/2 hour later I went out to give them some greens and fruit and all 4 bagels were lined up along the outdoor coop fencing.  That darn little red squirrel had tried to sneak them out but couldn't make them fit through the holes.  He figured it out very quickly though.

I had hoped to clean my house a bit today and maybe even weed the garden.  J is at the market alone so I can be with our little man.  Unfortunately, when I returned home from helping him set up I came in to Oliver panting and in complete discomfort.  So I will be rubbing his back {and typing one-handed which is surprisingly easy after a bit} for the afternoon until it's time to return to the market and help break down our booths.

Thank you all, for your lovely words and prayers you've shared with us this week.  I really, REALLY appreciate it.  I sincerely hope you all are having beautiful weather in your neck of the woods, and a lovely weekend!  And fingers crossed I will have a good update to share soon.

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daisy g said...

I think about you all the time, wondering how you do it all. I surely hope that y'all will be able to manage on one income soon, because it would be difficult to keep up the pace and stay healthy. You know I wish you the best, but I also feel concerned because you stretch yourself so thin.

Hope your sweet boy is feeling better soon. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you both.

Your garden photos are stunning. You must be eating very well.
Hope your week is uneventful (in a good way). ;0D

Flickenstichlerin said...

Oh my,
am just reading about it, guess I missed the last post.
So sorry and sure sending you all the best wishes for this little one to get better soon.
Hope there will be some reliev for you and your husband, really worries me, that you are not getting enough rest.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your garden.

Ms. Rebecca said...

Thank you for continuing to share with us even in your busy schedule. We too have squirrel issues. There are two ground squirrels that have taken up permanent residence in the chicken run as well as with the various bird feeders we have placed around the property.

My prayers are with Oliver. Sick dogs for some people are like having sick kids. Give him some love from the Flying VS Farm.

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel about your furbaby. I lost mine back in Feb of this year. She had had pancreatitis 8 months earlier and had continued to go downhill. In June 2014 she had became a diabetic due to the pancreatits, then went blind by July due to the diabetes. When she became ill again in Feb, we found out that what started her pancreatitis had been lymphoma -- the tumors were coming to the surface of the pancrease (which they cannot remove). She passed away in my arms at the vet's office. Then I had found out that it takes 6-8 weeks to be approved for adopting a rescue. So I signed up with the American Brittany Rescue 2 weeks after she passed thinking it would be another 2 months before I even heard if I was approved or not. I heard within 1-1/2 weeks and they asked me if I'd consider a spayed female immediately. i took her in. So I still think of my Abigail who went over the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 10, but now I have Kenze who has some of the same actions of Abigail. God will hwlp you through all of this chaos. He will help with any of the medical issues for your furbaby. Prayers go out for you.