a very sad Emerson
our new shaving mugs!
new packaging on the shaving soap!
My little man Oliver is home at last.  It's been a long ordeal but we are so thankful he is home and looking well.  Thank you so much for all of your words of encouragement and support.  We really appreciate it.  I am truly amazed at how well he is doing after this surgery.  The hardest thing tonight is he seems a bit traumatized from his time at the emergency clinic.  This is challenging.  And stressful.

We really had no idea what to expect after his surgery and after reading the our Oslo blog were terrified that he would need 24 hour care for weeks.  Thankfully, that just isn't so.  We anticipate him being crated with very little walking/movement for the next 4-6 weeks and then another few months before he's feeling himself again.  Poor Emerson has been a mess.  I've been afraid of his pancreatitis acting up from the stress.  We are hoping that won't happen.

Our house has been very quiet without Ollie around so last night Caitlin had enough.  She took her basket of toys and dumped them onto the ground.  All of the noisy toys started chirping and chiming.  She kicked them around a bit then lay right on top of them all.  Right in the middle with a catnip stuffed pillow that says "I Love Cats" leaning against her side, upright, facing me.  I thought that was hilarious.

Saturday we spent the day making product for Sunday's market.  Did you see our new design of shaving mugs and our new packaging on our shaving soap?  We are so excited!!  Our mugs are specially designed by local potter Kylie Spooner to fit our shaving brushes and soap.  {she also makes these designs in coffee mugs for those of you locals who would like to have a beautiful coffee or tea mug}

Our garden is struggling.  The poor thing just gets no attention.  We have an abundance of green beans, tomatoes, squash and potatoes, but everything else is, well, not doing quite as good.  We do have a resident wild bunny who is enjoying munching on weeds and veggies, so at least we're keeping him healthy and happy.  And the Coop girls.  They are recipients of all the weeds we pull which makes them super happy.  Maybe next year we'll have time to devote to it......

J will be building a small ramp for the dogs to walk down off of the deck this week.  They can no longer do stairs because of their propensity for spinal issues.  Right now we are carrying them.  It will make us all a bit happier when they can walk down on their own.  :)

So many things to do, aren't there?
Hoping you had a lovely weekend!

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Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I know you are so happy to have your baby back home again. It takes so much out of EVERYONE in the house when something like that happens. Take care of yourselves, too. You need your strength to take care of so much. Thoughts and prayers continue.........

daisy g said...

So glad your little guy is home, where he will no doubt recover quickly with all that love and attention. A ramp sounds like a great idea!

The mugs are beautiful! I just love how unique your products are.

The tomatoes look tantalizing! Hope you get to enjoy some of that home-grown every day!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much Chris and Daisy!!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Glad Oliver is home! Bless all your fur (and feather) babies.. here is to a healthy and happy future for all! We are dealing with some elderly JRT issues here (she is almost 14!).. but doing better and pretty sparky at times. I know you are the same.. we love our furbabies so! -Tammy

Brook said...

Oh those mugs are gorgeous! Just found your blog and shop and would love one foe my hubby for xmas. Didn't see them in your shop.....Beautiful pictures!!