Happy Sunday!  This past week and this weekend have, for the most part, been a complete blur.  Oliver started doing better last Wednesday and then took 10 huge steps backward on Thursday.  It's been frantic panting, crying, screaming, etc. for a few days.  We took him back to his awesome vet on Saturday for a little change of meds and today we are in a holding pattern.  Holding our breath and trying to keep everything running as smooth as it can.

Early on in Oliver's illness we purchased a pack n' play for him.  A dog crate works great when the dog can walk in and out of it on his own.  It does not, however, work great when the dog is unable to walk and must keep his spine straight with no side-to-side movements.  So, we went shopping.  It's easy to lift him out and put him back in.

Jack, in all of his brilliance, has been very curious about this interesting contraption.  From time-to-time we put Oliver on his and Emerson's bed outside of the pack n' play, when he gets whiny and needs to be next to us.  Last night was one of those nights.  He was laying in his pack n' play and it was time to go to sleep.  He started panting lightly.  I continued to lay next to him, in the dark, hoping he would stop.  No such luck.  It quickly escalated from a comfortable pant to a stressed pant.  I waited.  It didn't stop.  I finally gave in and moved him out of the pack n' play and onto his bed.

This morning Ollie was on his bed and his pack n' play was empty except for a bowl of water and his bedding.  I was trying to convince him to get up so we could go outside when Jack came waltzing in.  He got up on J's chair and peered down into the pack n' play.  He couldn't resist.  He jumped in, then realized it wasn't all it appeared to be.  So instead of jumping back out, like a regular cat would do, he attempted to go through the mesh sides.  When it didn't work the first time, he backed up and rammed into the mesh.  Apparently he thought it needed some force to open.  He tried ramming it two more times before I removed the water dish.  I decided he needed to figure out how to get out on his own and sat back down to watch him.  Another time into the mesh and he finally {finally!} looked up to plot a new escape route.  He figured it out at last.  Ollie was less than impressed by the ridiculousness but Emerson thought it was a lot of fun and ran around the pack n' play trying to play with Jack.

Poor Emerson is struggling with his brother's illness.  Partly because his buddy is down and partly because he sees the stress on all of us.  He does still enjoy medicine time since he gets a piece of whatever yummy food Ollie's pills are hidden in, but other than that, the poor guy is a mess.  He's a great helper and a wonderful babysitter for his sidekick.

The weather in these parts is just beautiful.  We've been so fortunate with very little humidity this summer.  I have, though, taken for granted all the rain we've received and have now forgotten to water my garden since it's been a week from the last rainfall.  The sun has been shining bright and encouraging all of the garden goodness to grow.  We are getting a ton of tomatoes, some squash, carrots, potatoes, eggplant, peppers and beans.  The corn is getting pretty close.

The farmer's market has been super busy.  A lot of locals but also a lot of people from out of town coming to enjoy the summer festivities at the Horse Track.  I'm so happy that a lot of them are taking our products home with them.  More about this tomorrow.....

Hoping you've had a wonderful weekend!

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daisy g said...

Aw, poor pup. It sounds like you've found a good solution to make him comfy.

Enjoy some of that wonderful weather for me!