peppers for harvesting

french bulldog with IVDD

Happy Tuesday!  This weekend was all about sunflowers, peppers and Oliver.

And heat.

It's been quite toasty and the scorching heat and high humidity are still with us.  That is, until Wednesday night.  I simply can't wait for Thursday morning!  I long for the beginning of fall to actually feel like fall.  My very favorite season.

All of our beautiful sunflowers are open.  The bees are enjoying them as much as I do and the Coop girls are drooling over them.  Waiting patiently for them make it to their outdoor coop.  Yup, those spoiled girls are the lucky recipients of them all.  They spend all day picking the heads clean while they chatter and coo about it.

J and I went to a local u-pick farm on Saturday morning to pick peppers.  We have some in our garden but due to lack of time, we only planted a few plants.  The bell peppers were $17.00 a bushel and the jalapeno and poblano's were one dollar per pound.  It's a great savings over purchasing them off season and they are so easy to freeze!  We halved the jalapeno's, left the poblano's whole {for stuffing or roasting} and sliced and chopped the bell peppers in addition to stuffing some to store in the freezer for easy dinners.  We'll return in a few weeks for a bushel of butternut squash to add to those harvested in our garden.

Processing the peppers makes me think of my hopes for next year's garden.  Hoping to get back on track and have the time to plant a garden whose harvest provides the majority of our meals.  Hoping to have the time to keep the weeds under control and the beds well watered.  Hoping to have time to preserve it's bounty.

Oliver is doing really well.  As we had suspected, once he was off the steroids there were no more issues with wetting the bed.  But now we have a new issue.......he has learned that if he barks in the middle of the night I will come running.  He previously barked to let me know he couldn't hold it any longer and now he barks because he doesn't want to be in his crate.

All.  Night.  Long.

It starts around 1:30 a.m. and continues every 30-45 minutes until I get up.  I fell for it the first night but not anymore, so we're hoping to break this bad habit.  Soon.

He is also obsessed, once again, with the toads who hang out in our driveway.  Every evening and morning we have a small family of toads who hop along and just hang out.  Oliver has managed to get one in his mouth twice only to quickly spit it out and foam at the mouth.  You would think he would learn.  He doesn't.  Instead, it seems to be more of a challenge.  A challenge I'm not happy with.  As soon as dusk sets in he is obsessed with every single leaf and piece of mulch that dots the driveway.  He inspects them all hoping one of them will hop.  So far we've been able to avoid an interaction.

Three more weeks of crating for the poor guy.  Fingers crossed we all make it through.  :)

On the menu:  Ginger-Soy Pork Chops with Creamy Mac & Cheese and sautéed Summer Squash; Rib Eye Steaks with Shitake Mushrooms, Homefries & Green Beans; Skillet Spaghetti with Salad; One-Pot Chicken with Broccoli & Rice; Fish & Chips.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!


Mickie said...

Sorry, I had to laugh, I can just imagine Ollie barking all....night....long. So glad he is doing better. They can surely get so spoiled and are so smart about manipulating us humans. At least mine are!

Goose said...

So happy to hear that Oliver is doing well! Your comment about preserving peppers for later meals makes me want to take out the water bath and can something! If only I could get ahead with the summer supply of veggies! Like you, there's always next year to do better.

daisy g said...

So glad Oliver is doing better. He's a go-getter isn't he? Hope he lets you sleep through the night soon!

So glad to hear that fall is approaching. I can hardly wait!

Your freezer will be well-stocked for the cooler seasons. Enjoy!