farm-fresh eggs & honey
eggs from the Coop Girls and honey free to us - all we had to do was strain it!
Oliver & Emerson
Oliver & Emerson lay at my feet Saturday mornings

NY apples in Fall

u-pick apples


NY apples in Fall

homemade chili

Fall mums

NY State apples

homespun alpaca yarn

Fall in the apple orchard

NY State Apples

gardening - squash

french bulldogs

Winter Squash to freeze
squash for the freezer!
There's something restorative about waking up on your own.  No alarm clock.  No dog barking.  Even if you wake up at the exact same time as when either of those typically happens, it just feels so much more satisfying. 

Saturday's are the only day of the week I have such a luxury, and it is rare lately that Oliver allows this to happen.  Not his fault, his schedule is still a bit off from the surgery.  This Saturday was one of those rare and lucky days.  Padding down the old, creaky, farmhouse stairs, however, got him riled up for the morning and the barking ensued. 

I never used to be a morning person but through the past few years I've found myself enjoying the quiet early hours, when I have a bit of time to myself to slowly wake up and greet the day.  No television, no talking.  Just a cup of coffee, dogs snuggled at my feet and a book or my laptop on my
lap.  I long to greet these September mornings with a hot cup of coffee.  We haven't had many of them chilly enough to make me crave a delicious warm drink.  Perhaps you could say I'm not being grateful for the unusual extension of summer.  Regardless, I long for fall.

Saturdays are also the only day "off" we have.  I use "off" lightly since we are still making, packaging and packing product all day until J is officially done with his {soon to be former} career.  Two more weekends.......but who's counting!  I've already scheduled a day off for us on his first Saturday as President, even though he will not have had any time to work that week on our business.  I am longing to go to this Fiber show.  So we may just have to find time.

We have been looking forward to this start of our new chapter.  The one where our business begins to grow again and where we get a tad bit of normalcy back in our lives.  Perhaps even a smaller laundry pile and a couple of clean dogs will be accomplished.  This weekend I've also been working on finishing {and already updating} our business plan.  Honestly, our business grew so quickly around us that I had never even fully developed a plan.  All week I've daydreamed about different facets and goals I have.  So this weekend I wanted to get them down on paper.

Saturday morning we picked squash.  We'll be prepping them to freeze later in the week.  We also ran to a local orchard to pick up our first stockpile of apples.  These will be for applesauce that I'll make up in the slow-cooker and then freeze.  And we may or may not have picked up a dozen cider donuts as well and eaten one of those piping hot melt-in-your-mouth delights immediately.  I'm not telling.  :)

Today at the market I bought veggies we didn't get planted in the garden this year.  I've been craving Kale & Brussels sprout salad for lunch so I bought the ingredients for that.  It's a strange thing, my cravings for brussels sprouts.  I was never a cabbage fan until adulthood and now I just can't get enough.  I've also been craving braised cabbage wedges with cheese sauce {how can something with cheese sauce be anything but good???}.  I'll have to put that on the menu plan for next week.  My husband doesn't have quite the cabbage fetish that I do, so the dishes must be spaced apart a bit.

The Coop Girls worked in the garden this weekend.  They exhausted themselves.  We let them out on Saturday while we were working on product and they chattered and sang and busied themselves with garden chores.  Digging here, eating worms there, flitting about when one place looked more promising than another.  They prepped my garlic-planting bed perfectly and were rewarded with a mound of freeze-dried meal worms tonight.

A new batch of chickens being raised as meat birds have arrived.  They are 5 days old and adorable.  By the time J had gotten home with them Wednesday night it was close to 8 o'clock and we hadn't eaten dinner yet.  But dinner had to wait - we needed to get the newly hatched chicks settled and dip their beaks in water.  All 31 of them.  It was funny to watch them resist my attempt at dipping their beaks, arching their backs and tossing their feet in the air, which turned instantly to pleasure as they realized what I was doing.  One by one they lined up at the waterer to drink more on their own.  They are a lot more work than the Coop Girls, but the reward of raising our own food source is worth it.

And tonight I pretend it's Fall with a dinner of Chili and a new recipe for Maple Cornbread.  We reached a high of the low 70's today which doesn't typically call for Chili, but I'm ready and that's what I decided to make.  For dessert we'll enjoy the individual Bread Pudding with Apple Whiskey Cream Sauce that I whipped up last night.  I made them with a hearty Raisin Bread we received from a fellow-vendor a month or so ago.  I had stashed the bread away in the freezer just waiting for the right time to make these delicious little desserts. 

On the menu this week:  Chili with Maple Cornbread and Salad; Grilled Chicken Quarter with Stovetop Mac & Cheese and Creamy Kohlrabi; One-pot dish of Chicken, Rice and Broccoli; Grilled Brats with Peppers and Onions and Tomato-Mozzarella Salad; Pork, Bean & Kielbasa Stew with Homemade Rolls; Baked Salmon with Scalloped Potato & Root Vegetables.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!


daisy g said...

Sounds like another productive weekend. I think you have more than earned your spot at that fiber show. Looks like the boys are both feeling better. Thankful.

Sending best wishes for J for a smooth transition. He'll rock it!

Tracy said...

I'm just catching up on my favourite blogs after a few months away from the computer. You sure have been busy. Everything is looking lovely in your part of the world.