the goats of Nettle Meadow farm

the goats of nettle meadow farm

Nettle Meadow Farm

the goats of Nettle Meadow farm

Nettle Meadow farm

Nettle Meadow Farm

Nettle Meadow Farm

Life At Cobble Hill Farm chicks
our newest batch of chicks

sleeping french bulldogs

Jack a.k.a. "Jack The Amazing Escape Artist"

delicata squash

squash tart with pesto
Squash Tart
Oh my has it been beautiful in this part of the world!  Temps in the 40's and 50's overnight and 70's during the day.  Just lovely!

Saturday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went up north to a small farm tour.  As you can see from the photos above, my absolute favorite was the goat farm, Nettle Meadow Farm.  I just adore them.  Apparently, one of their neighbors doesn't adore them as much.  This was the sign outside their house, across the street.

I get it that living next to a farm isn't for everyone, but if you live in farm country {as you can see from the outbuildings, this is a farm that has existed for years} the chances are good there's going to be animals.  They are the only goat farm in that area, and certainly one of the larger farms since they have hundreds of goats.  They are famous for their cheese - you may have seen it in grocery stores around you since their products are shipped worldwide.

With the cool temp's at night and warmer during the day, the leaves are starting to change.  In a couple of weeks it's going to be stunning!

Once home we worked on getting some of our veggies picked and processed for freezing.  Our freezers are getting full!  They are full of peppers, corn, carrots, spaghetti sauce, applesauce, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, squash {summer and winter}, and onion/pepper mix.  In a few weeks we'll have 31 more chickens to add.

Our Sunday mornings start by 6 a.m.  The dogs are cared for first quickly followed by coffee brewing.  I like the ease of the Keurig machine but I am hooked on the French Press.  The coffee is just so much smoother tasting.  After that it's time to start breakfast, make lunches to pack, get eggs packed, and then get the chickens up.  Since we have both the Coop Girls and the chicks we're raising for meat right now, this takes a few extra minutes.  Or so.  Eating breakfast {this morning it was blueberry pancakes and thick-cut bacon from Oscar's Smokehouse}, getting ourselves ready and doing any little last thing that's needed is our last half hour or 45 minutes.  Then it's off to the market by 8!

The last couple of weeks at the farmer's market have been quite a bit slower than the rest of the season although online sales hold steady.  No complaints here - it's given us a chance to take a couple of days off and enjoy the season.  Today, however, was quite busy and we sold out of virtually everything we brought!  This is J's last week as a carpenter/remodeler so he will start ramping up production next week for the Holidays.

Egg production is starting to drop off as the girls are beginning their Fall molt.  We are down to 5-7 per day from over a dozen per day.  We are beginning to give them treats of scratch grain again.  We don't feed this during the warmer months because it raises their body temperature slightly and they certainly don't need that during the summer.  We're also watching for signs of worms and/or upper respiratory issues since this is the season both of those would typically happen.

Oliver goes back for his last appointment with his surgeon this week.  He is doing great although not happy he's not allowed to do some of the things he used to do {stairs, jumping up/down furniture}.  His personality is back to "normal" and you would never guess he had surgery on his spine.  We'll find out if he can start walking daily.  We want to build the muscle back up in his legs since his right knee pops in and out of place.  Building that muscle back up will help it stay where it's supposed to be.

Jack has been vying for a new title.  He would like to be called "Jack The Amazing Escape Artist".  His nighttime antics include running, full speed ahead, at the door when it opens to let the dogs out.  The first time he did this I didn't even see him.  I brought the dogs out, lifted Oliver down the back steps, then started walking out into the grass.  For some reason I turned around to see something crawling around at the bottom of the stairs.  Because it was dark, it almost looked like a raccoon.  Nope, it was just Jack.  Just Jack the boy who wears naughty pants.  Jack who is afraid of his own shadow was walking around, shaking the entire time, trying to see the world.  Now that I am expecting it, his efforts are typically met with my foot or hand which stops him in his tracks.  He seems confused how I am able to do this.  Not too bright that boy.....

I am still getting potatoes, peppers, eggplant and a few tomatoes from the garden!

On the menu this week:  Whole Roasted Chicken with Roasted Honey Carrots and Mashed Potatoes and Gravy; Baked Cod with Crunchy Top with Rice and Green Beans; Skillet Spaghetti with Kale and Blueberry Salad; Slow-Cooker Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots; Chicken Pasta Bake with Creamed Kohlrabi; and Grilled Pork Chops with Rice and Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!


daisy g said...

Sounds like a wonderful field trip. I'm glad that you got some time away, no matter how silly the neighbors are!
I'm so happy for y'all and I pray a smooth transition for J, as he starts his new venture. Hoping you will be able to join him full time soon!

Your critters certainly make life interesting. Glad your pup is feeling better.
Oooh, I envy your temps! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

What is a squash tart?

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Miranda - it's a delicious blend of ricotta & pesto topped with a layer of squash, all poured into a tart shell. Recipe coming soon!