$60.00 A Week Challenge: October 12, 2015 Weekly Food Costs

Happy Tuesday!  With Monday's Holiday I was thrown off a bit so this post is a day late.

Most of this week's meals are coming from the freezer/pantry/garden so we didn't have to spend
much on groceries.  Woo hoo!  I was able to stock-up on ground chuck to save us money in the week's to come.

Here's what we spent on groceries this week:

  • Sandwich Rolls, Orange Juice, Butter, Soda, Avocados, Cheese - $16.83

Farmer's Market:
  • Brussels Sprouts, cabbage and Watermelon {not on the list but they looked really good!}- $7.00
  • Milk & Cream - $9.25
Fresh Market:
  • Ground Chuck - $21.39
Grand Total = $54.47

Stock-Up Items:
The ground chuck was on sale {every Tuesday} at the Fresh Market for $2.99 a pound.  I bought almost 7 pounds which should last us a couple of months.  Because this sale is every Tuesday, I stocked up for a couple of months only.  If this was a sale that only happened a few times a year, I would have bought enough to get us through to the next sale so we don't have to pay full price for this item.  I'm sure we could get it cheaper on sale at the commissary but we like the quality of the meat at the Fresh Market much better.

I have apples on hand but because it's the end of the season for watermelon, I bought one for this week's fruit and will save the apples for next week.

How about you?  Did you join in on the challenge this week?  Share with us in the comments and/or link to your own blog post.

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