$60.00 A Week Challenge: October 26, 2015 Weekly Food Cost

$60.00 A Week Grocery Budget Challenge at Life At Cobble Hill Farm week of 10/26/15

Happy Monday!  I shopped from our freezer and pantry again, although the garden has now officially ended, so not so much from there.  I also spent some time this weekend putting together some slow-cooker freezer meals for November.  We had most of the ingredients on hand so I just packaged the meat/veggies/sauce all together and wrote the cooking instructions on the bag then plopped them in the freezer.  Have no fear - if they turn out the recipes will be shared here.

Here's what we spent for this week:

Commissary: $23.13
**please note, according to the people I've spoken to at the military commissary, I am not allowed to share their product pricing so I can only share the total and tell you what was included in that total.**

  • tortilla shells, canned tomatoes, 2 oranges, ground beef, soda, butter, cranberry juice, frozen peaches, crackers, 2 limes, ginger root & english muffins

Farmer's Market: $10.00

  • cream - $4.00
  • cauliflower, broccoli,{a change of veggie for tomorrow night} & cabbage {for next week} - $6.00

Hannaford: $16.74

  • Cranberries - $1.99
  • Pork Loin Roast - $8.47
  • Ground Pork - $4.29
  • Sweet Onions $1.99
And 2 coffee's out:  $4.50

Grand Total = $54.37

The cabbage was for next week, the frozen peaches were for a freezer meal put together for November, and the ground beef and ground pork were also for freezer meals put together for next week.

How did you do with your weekly food budget?

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