$60.00 A Week Challenge: October 5, 2015 Weekly Food Costs

Happy Monday!  Here's what we spent on groceries this week:

Commissary:  $42.39
**please note, according to the people I've spoken to at the military commissary, I am not allowed to share their product pricing so I can only share the total and tell you what was included in that total.**
  • cereal, soda, mozzarella cheese, tortellini, butter, parmesan cheese, cranberry juice, english muffins, russet potatoes, bananas, country style pork ribs, Ben & Jerry's ice cream {not on the grocery list}, turkey breakfast sausage, salsa, lunch meat, canned clams and clam juice

Farmer's Market: $24.00
  • sausage - $5.00
  • potatoes {enough for 2 weeks}, broccoli, 2 onions - $8.00
  • milk & cream - $6.50
  • caramel apple {I splurged.....} - $4.50
  • *we do receive a small vendor discount from many of the vendors so our prices may not be completely reflective of what your price would be*

Fresh Market: $9.25
  • Cod {13.99/lb}

Grand Total = $75.64 {would have been around $65.00 without my husband's purchase of the impulse ice cream and down to $60.50 without the addition of my impulsive buy of the caramel apple}.  *side note: if you visit our farmer's market, they are REALLY good!!*
A lesson in sticking to your list!!  :)

And actually, the Wednesday meal of Brown Butter Seared Cod and Clam Linguine will be saved for next week since we have a vendor-event with dinner provided for that evening.

Stock-up Items:

  • Country Spare Ribs {pork} - we purchased a discounted family pack at the commissary
  • Shredded Cheese - I rarely buy pre-shredded cheese but the mozzarella and parmesan were deeply discounted. 
  • the breakfast sausage will last us for months

A word about the additional food items on the menu for this week:
  • We have been buying in bulk when items {particularly meat} go on sale, so we have a large amount of food built up in our pantry and freezers.  We shop from there first prior to buying, unless it's a great sale price that week.  You can do the same by designating a dollar amount every week in your food budget to stocking up on sale items.  In time, this will reduce your weekly spending.
  • We stored garden bounty and pick-your-own veggies in the freezer.  This is a HUGE money saver if you can do it.  Peppers, for instance, get a bit expensive in the off-season and they are so easy to freeze.  Wash, chop and freeze.  That's it!
  • We have been getting peppers & squash in our garden so we're using that up.
  • I make beef and chicken stock from all bones/carcass.  I freeze them until I have enough to boil, then throw in the slow-cooker with veggie bits and cook for 6-8 hours.  The stock is stored in the freezer until used.  This is another great way to save on your weekly food budget since it can be expensive to buy pre-made stock.

How about you?  Did you join in on the challenge this week?  Share with us in the comments and/or link to your own blog post.

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