Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Well, we started off the weekend by making bad decisions.  Have you had a weekend such as this?

Bad decision number 1: We had decided to attend the Fiber Fest at the Adirondack Museum.  Saying it was a bad decision is, I guess, a bit dramatic.  It's a beautiful outdoor museum and always enjoyable to visit, however, we were visiting with the specific purpose of purchasing some handmade
knitwear.  The problem - there were only a handful of those items available.  Sure, we could purchase jewelry, soap, soup mixes and kettle corn at the fiber fest, but who would guess you couldn't purchase items made with fiber??? 

Bad decision number 2:  We hadn't checked out the fiber fest to see it wasn't what we were looking for, and we certainly didn't check out whether or not our typical route was going to work out.  It wasn't.  Because in my 13 {give or take a couple of years} years of living in this state, I had heard of the world's largest town-wide garage sale in Warrensburg but had never had any desire to attend said event.  Well, we attended this, unintentionally, on Saturday.  There we sat, in traffic, trying to get through the town.  It certainly wasn't as bad as it could've been, but not at all what we anticipated.

The good news?  It was a windy but beautiful day.  My mother went with us and was able to see the museum for the first time and loved it.  The only other downfall was that by the time we got home, we were a bit behind schedule and had to stay up until after midnight to prepare for Sunday's market.

Live and learn. 

We crossed it off of our list of "someday" things to do.

The temp's are feeling Fall-like, which is a plus in my book.  We've even turned the pellet stove on 2 occasions to keep the dogs and cats toasty through the night.  Last night was one of those nights as our temp's dipped into the mid 30's.  We've made the switch to hot coffee from iced, and breakfasts of delicious oatmeal with homemade applesauce or pumpkin swirled in, and lots of soup and homemade bread for lunches and dinners.

The chicks are getting big.  They are currently housed in the barn.  It's a bit too chilly outside for them.  They will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday.  These chicks are being raised for meat.  In the Spring we have plans to add more layer hens to the Coop.  We try to add a few layers every couple of years to keep egg production somewhat consistent. 

Speaking of the coop, it's molting time.  There are feathers everywhere!  It's like there's been a giant pillow fight daily in the coop.  Unfortunately, this also means egg production is down considerably.  We have increased their protein intake until their feathers start growing back.

Hoping it was a beautiful weekend in your neck of the woods as well!

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daisy g said...

It looks like a wonderful festival! The color there is gorgeous!
Hope the rest of your week runs smoothly!