Fall in Upstate New York

Waking up Saturday morning I was greeted by a warm pellet stove, two excited dogs and beautiful jewel-toned leaves adorning the trees and the ground.  Our leaves have taken on their full Fall color and are now dropping by the bushel.

The garden is still pushing out a few veggies although next weekend is rumored to put an end to that.  The first frost is coming.  It's inevitable. We've been so lucky with our weather all Fall so we are certainly not upset to see the coming cold.  I'll pick the last of the peppers, eggplant, squash and tomatoes at the end of the week.

Oliver is doing very well.  At the beginning of last week he was acting a bit funny, as if his back or neck were bothering him a bit, but by the end of the week he was fine.  He may have tweaked it a bit.  It's very hard to hold the boy down.  He feels "normal" so he doesn't understand why we're holding him back.  Until he's got a spare $8,000 dollars hanging around for another surgery, he's going to be forced to take it easy.  Like it or not.  :-)

It's been a very busy weekend.  We are trying to get our soap stocked back up so J is making 6 batches a day.  We just about ran out of body butter, salves and deodorant over the weekend too!  We'll be working hard this week to get it all stocked back up.

The poor Coop Girls are in a full molt.  The plus is that the daytime temp's have been in the 60's and 70's so they haven't been so chilly.  The negative is that the daytime temp's will only be in the upper 40's by next weekend.  Just about the time every single feather will be on the ground, not on their bodies.

At the market one of our fellow vendors had cash stolen from her.  It's so unfortunate that stealing is prevalent, even at the market, but it certainly is.  We have lost quite a few products this summer to theft.  At first we were downright angry.  Then, as the weeks progress and more things mysteriously vanish, anger turns to sadness for the person or people.  That they would feel the need to steal from us.  Two people just trying to start a business - working their tails off to build it up enough to take a small profit to live off of.

It's an unfortunate part of business ownership.

Hoping you were able to enjoy an extended weekend.  We certainly enjoyed taking today off!

Happy Monday!

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daisy g said...

Glad that Ollie is doing better. He doesn't know how much you are helping him by limiting his activities.
Sorry to hear about the thefts. You have a good way of looking at it though. It will come back to bite someone. It always does.

So, J is on full-time now? I hope the transition is smooth for all of you.
Enjoy your cool weather. We're still waiting for it!