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There are no more whispers of Fall as it has fully arrived.  We welcomed our first frost Saturday night which stopped the 2015 growing season right in it's tracks.  Just like that, the garden is done.  I had finished picking all of the baby peppers, eggplant, squash and the last bits of green beans Friday night in preparation for it.  What remains is now green and shriveled.

My little man Ollie is having issues again.  Friday night he was fine, then got a bit crazy trying to play with his brother before dinner and the next thing you know he was laying in his bed on his side with his back legs just shaking and panting non-stop.  A call to his favorite Doctor and he was back on medication.  He is doing well today, still on medication and crated, so we are holding our breath hoping it was something minor that will pass quickly.

We called in back-up this weekend to help get caught up with production.  My sister-in-law came out from Massachusetts and my mom came over to help us with making and packaging product.  Shipments are finally caught up and now shipping within 48 hours again.  Whew!  It's been a crazy couple of months!!  We were able to meet a lot of out-of-towners at our Farmer's market this summer and many of them have come back again and again to our online store.  We are so excited that this little business has taken off.

Speaking of our market, it was a very chilly outdoor market on Sunday {high of 40 degrees and then there was the wind chill to factor in}, but did you know it is ranked #1 in New York state and in the top 10 for the country?  How exciting is that!!  We are thrilled and grateful to be a part of it - great vendors, wonderful market owners/organizers and the most amazing customers ever.  It really has been an enjoyable experience for us.  One more weekend outside, then it's inside for winter.  We are looking forward to the warm, upbeat and vivacious atmosphere.

The Coop Girls are still molting.  Poor Allie is a hot mess.  She is down to very few feathers and those that remain are crooked and scraggly looking.  She is our oldest girl and we're hoping she makes it through another molt.  It takes a lot out on a girl, poor thing.  We are grateful for our 2-5 eggs a day from 18 girls.  It doesn't seem like much but last year there were a few weeks where we received none.  Not one.  So, the small gift they are currently offering us is very much appreciated.

The birds we're raising for meat will be ready for processing in another week and a half.  This is our last batch for this year.  We didn't want to get them so late in the season, but because of all the craziness of September it just happened that way.  We have been very fortunate to have mild temps most of this month so that has made it easier for them.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!

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daisy g said...

Um, you kind of skipped over the "Best in Class" pin? Congratulations!
Hope Ollie is doing better day by day.

Ooooh, those are cold temps to be outside selling. I hope your next market is sunny and a bit warmer.
Always love reading your weekend posts.
Rock on!