$60.00 A Week Challenge: November 16, 2015 Weekly Food Cost

Monday has come and gone so I'm posting our weekly spending a bit late.  This week's menu was
chosen based solely on lack of time and {gratefully} comes almost entirely from our pantry and freezer.  Here's our spending this week:

Target- $7.41

  • Chili Starter {for future use}, Soup Spice Mixture, and Soda

Farmer's Market - $16.00

  • Carrots, potatoes, broccoli, & milk
Fresh Market - $11.28
  • Chuck Roast
Grand Total: $34.69

The chili starter was an impulse buy to use at some point in the coming weeks and the carrots, potatoes and chuck roast are for dinner at my mom's house.  We buy and she cooks - a great deal in my book!!

Happy Tuesday!

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GranthamLynn said...

Cool I'm really interested in this challenge. I came over from another blog. Forgot where. I'm attracted by names. LOL. Loved your blogs name. Thanks for sharing this. I'll hang around awhile and learn more.
Have a great week. BTW it was nice to meet you!