$60.00 A Week Challenge: November 2, 2015 Weekly Food Cost

eating for $60.00 a week - November 2, 2015 Weekly Food Cost

Somehow Monday is here again!  As the Holidays get closer it seems the time goes faster and faster.  This week we didn't need to buy much for our meal plan.  Once again we did most of our shopping from our freezer, pantry, and the remnants of the garden.  We also didn't stock up on much, mostly because what was on sale we have plenty of.  Except pot roast - we bought 2 small angus pot roast at $2.99 per pound.  We also bought block cheese at the commissary although we didn't need it and kielbasa was on sale at Hannaford.  I'll cut it and freeze it for future pork & bean stew, one of our favorite cold weather meals.

Here's what we spent this week:

Commissary: $28.38
**please note, according to the people I've spoken to at the military commissary, I am not allowed to share their product pricing so I can only share the total and tell you what was included in that total.**
  • mushrooms, granulated sugar, coffee, tortilla shells, soda, butter, cheese - cheddar & Colby jack, juice

Hannaford: $5.72
  • bananas - $2.43
  • kielbasa - $3.29

Price Chopper:  $19.26
  • 2 Angus Pot Roast @ $2.99/pound

Farmer's Market:  $6.00
  • Milk & Cream - $6.00

Grand Total = $59.36

For last week's budget, we went out to dinner Friday night but used a gift card.  Dinner out is so much nicer when you don't have to pay cash for it!!

This week we'll be processing 31 chickens for meat which will cost us $155.00 {includes cutting and packaging}.  This will be factored into our monthly budget which will put us over budget for the month, but should level out for the year.

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GranthamLynn said...

I've been attempting at cutting down myself. You've inspired me to blog about it. I've been menu planning for a 4 weeks now. It has helped me sooo much! Thanks for the inspiration!