$60.00 A Week Challenge: Sunday Prep + Weekly Meal Plan

Slow-Cooker Pork & Bean Stew
Not a lot for prep this week.  I'll chop up some veggies that will be used in the soups I'll be making.  I like to put all the veggies in glass storage containers in the refrigerator so they are all set to go.  I'll make the homemade baguettes in the morning before I leave for work and let them slowly rise in the
refrigerator.  They should be ready to bake when I get home.  The pumpkin oatmeal will be cooked in the slow-cooker Monday night - enough for 2 mornings.  I look forward to waking to that delicious aroma Tuesday morning!!

This Week's Meal Plan

Breakfast - Pancakes & Mixed Berries
Lunch - Pork & Kale Soup
Dinner - Chicken and Apples in Cider Cream Sauce with Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds and Brussels Sprouts & Cranberry Salad on the side

Breakfast - Pumpkin Oatmeal
Lunch - Minestrone Soup
Dinner - Slow-Cooker Pork & Bean Stew with homemade Baguettes

Breakfast - Freezer Croissants and Yogurt
Lunch - Pork & Kale Soup
Dinner - Chicken with Pasta in Creamy Spinach Sauce

Breakfast - Pumpkin Oatmeal
Lunch - Minestrone Soup
Dinner - Shephard's Pie with homemade Baguettes

Breakfast - French Toast & Bacon
Lunch - Taco Soup
Dinner - Jambalaya and Butternut Squash Salad

Breakfast - Freezer Breakfast Burritos
Lunch - Taco Soup
Dinner - Out

Breakfast - Amish Oatmeal
Lunch - Chicken & Rice Soup
Dinner - Beef Stew with Oatmeal Bread

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