fall basil seeds

We are in the midst of an Indian Summer.  Daytime temp's in the 60's and night-time temp's in the 40's.  It seems we will hold off the cold days of autumn just a bit longer.

I think because of the moderate temps, we are still enjoying the fall colors.  I truly wish I had the time to just enjoy the beauty of the trees......maybe next year.

This crazy weather has worked out well for the chickens we are raising for meat.  You may recall September was a ridiculously hectic month for us {cancelled vacations, Ollie's surgery, etc. etc.} which put off the purchase of the chicks until the beginning of October.  We held our breathe and
hoped for the best - hoping our weather would hold out for the little things and it did!  They go for processing tomorrow.  Our already full third freezer will be chock full by Tuesday night.  We have plans to raise even more next year {more on that later in the week}.  So grateful we can raise some of our own food.  Partly for cost but mostly for knowing how it is raised and fed.

We are knee-deep in making/packing/shipping products for the Holidays.  We have our year-round farmer's market as well as a few craft shows sprinkled in.  This in addition to our wholesale accounts, consignment accounts, and online store keeps us very busy this time of year.  Next year's calendar is filling up quickly too.  We are so excited to see where this business goes from here.

Our Fall squash has yet to be roasted, pureed and put in the freezer.  The good news is that with our mild temps it will last just fine for a bit longer.  One of the things our gracious old farmhouse is missing is a proper storage area for root vegetables.  We would like to eventually convert our dirt-floor basement into a bit of a storage area, but right now it smells like heating oil.  A scent you definitely don't want your food to absorb.  Oil must have been spilled at some point and the scent just won't dissipate.  We will have to have concrete poured in order to get rid of the smell.  It's a shame since the dirt floor is part of it's charm, but at least it would be able to store veggies and other goodies.

J and I went out to dinner Friday night.  We used a gift card given to us by his previous employer and celebrated his birthday which was on Sunday.  The restaurant, Mouzon House, is a higher price point and, therefore, not someplace we would typically go which made it all the more special.  I had the Hunter's Gumbo which was divine!  J had the Angus Beef with smashed Truffle Potatoes.  We have enough left on the gift card for one more special dinner there.  Can't wait!

Halloween was spent making product and preparing for Sunday's market.  J was also able to get some shelving made for our indoor market display.  Last Sunday the market held a trick-or-treat afternoon for the kiddos who came dressed up in their costumes.  We handed out candy as they paraded on by.  We didn't think about it, but we should have had treats for the dogs who came in costume.  We'll add that to the list for next year.

The Coop Girls are still looking ragged.  They are also grateful for the mild temps, although we have had a few nights in the upper 20's/low 30's that made them a bit upset.  For the most part though, they are happy.  Happy with the weather, happy with the treats J makes special for them everyday, and particularly happy for the lack of snow on the ground as they tromp through the garden snagging any bits of veggies, worms and weeds.  We were chatting about our layer hens this weekend.  I think we'll be adding another 10 or 15 chicks this Spring.  This will keep egg production up, allowing us to have eggs every week for sale at the farmer's market.  Good news for our very loyal customers!

For some reason I can't help but begin to think about goals and dreams for next year.  Maybe because it's the end of the year, maybe because I'm exhausted {but excited} and am planning for change, or maybe because it's part of our natural rhythm, but plans are in motion.  Even if it's just in my head at this time.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!!

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daisy g said...

Always so much going on there. Sounds like your holiday season will be plenty busy. Dreams have to start in our heads to become realized, so keep dreaming!