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The weather has been unbelievably mild in our neck of the woods.  In an effort not to make this statement sound ungrateful, it's just not helping it feel like the holiday season.  That being said I would much rather have the unusual 50-60 degree temps over ice.  I'm definitely not a fan of that.

Most of the Coop Girls have made it through their molt.  Kathy, however, is currently with very few feathers on her tiny little body.  As one of the oldest in our flock we feel bad for her.  We've continued the high daily doses of yogurt, meal worms and other high protein sources until she starts to look a bit better.  The others are thrilled with the ongoing high-protein goodies.  Yogurt and meal worms, as you know, are two of their very favorite things!

Making a fresh batch of Banana Cookies for the dogs is on the agenda for tonight.  They love to watch as I mix them up.  They both sit in front of the oven and drool as they bake.  I usually break one open right away so it can cool quickly.  They must try one, after all, before I bake the others.  Just to make sure they taste ok....... And for us, a new apple cake recipe.  It has a cream cheese center.  It's got to be delicious!!

We are still knee-deep in winter squash and apples.  So grateful for a plethora of fall treasures.  The weather has helped us out as we still haven't had time to cook them all down to freeze.

Planning for next year is in full swing.  The garden, the product line, the craft shows, the farmer's markets, ads, branding projects and revisions to the business plan - all in the works.  The spare bedroom that currently holds all of our ingredients and finished products is going to be re-worked after the holiday season.  Our business is growing and growing and growing and we can't tell you how thrilled we are.  This also means that a new structure on our property is on the wish list for 2017.  After contemplating moving the business off of our property we decided this would be our best move - to build a new structure or re-build a current structure to move our entire operation into.  It will have to be 2 stories with a storage area, shipping area and creating and ingredient storage area.  All climate-controlled and all in an efficient space.  This year we plan to have our driveway torn up and re-graded.  During that event we'll have the plumbing and electrical run to where we decide will be the new workspace.  A lot of planning and wishing and dreaming!!

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!

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daisy g said...

Wow! Lots of plans for the future. So happy for y'all. Looking forward to watching it all unfold. :0D