$60.00 A Week Challenge: December 14, 2015 Weekly Food Cost

My husband does our grocery shopping.  He's become quite the bargain shopper this year!  He tells me that one of his secrets to low-cost shopping is that he goes alone.  He claims that anytime I've accompanied him, the cost goes up considerably.  This is true.  Since I don't shop much anymore, when I do go with I tend to look around for items not on the list that we "need".  Our grocery budget is much better off if he goes solo.........  :-)

Here's what we spent this week {another solo trip!}:

Commissary: $34.78
  • light brown sugar, celery, bananas, soda, orange juice, butter, tortilla shells, frozen seafood mix

Farmer's Market: $14.00
  • Milk, carrots, potatoes & honeynut squash
  • {we also bartered for chocolate treats with products}

Grand Total = $48.78

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daisy g said...

Aren't you fortunate? J sure is a keeper!