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A hectic weekend but not at a full pace.  We've been a bit under the weather which, as you know, takes a toll on the speed in which you can get things done.  J with a bad cold and me fighting off a sinus infection.  With the weather going back and forth from 60's to 40's, it seems whatever is causing my allergies agony is still active.  I am actually looking forward to the cold temp's this coming weekend {and a secret hope for snow for Christmas day....}.

Christmas is coming very quickly so the farmer's market has been very busy.  We've truly been blessed with such a large number of you supporting both our online store and our market booth.  The new facial products seem to be a huge hit too and for that we are so grateful.  We sold out of a ton of products on Sunday so J will keep busy this week re-stocking for the last weekend before Christmas.

Oliver and Emerson are doing very well although Ollie's ongoing frustration toward Emerson is getting difficult to manage.  Emerson is very laid back but always focused on food.  If he in any way thinks you may have food, he's a tad aggressive and will physically push Oliver out of the way.  This upsets Oliver, as you can imagine, and he holds a grudge toward Emerson.  All day........  Oliver is smaller and has always felt a bit bullied, so when he is actually pushed, well, it pushes his buttons and gets quite a reaction.  Snarling, teeth showing, growling anger is the result.  Then Emerson cowers and shakes and Oliver continues until he believes Emerson is put in his place.  We break it up and give them each their own special attention to try and get the issue resolved.  It's exhausting.

We did not get a Christmas Tree up this year.  There has just been no time, or room for that matter.  Our rooms are filled with boxes as we try to remodel our spare bedroom so that it can house the products and ingredients more efficiently and continue to be devoted solely to the business.  J had a good idea, but a bit late.  He thought it would be a nice idea to put a tree on one of the front porches.  That way people driving by could enjoy it and we could enjoy seeing it through the window.  Great idea for next year!  The Coop Girls received a Christmas wreath on their main door though.  They are a festive group and deserved a little Christmas cheer.  Maybe it will improve egg production!

I think I'll be placing my seed order for next year's garden this week.  Can you believe it?  I've gone through and picked out way too many seeds, then cut it back to reality {after all, 8 types of melon is probably a bit much for 2 people......}.  I think the list is now pared down to a reasonable amount so it's time to order before I completely forget to do so.  I order the bulk of my seeds from Baker Creek but also order some from Cook's Garden.  We'll also get a dozen egg layer chicks ordered too.  They won't ship until spring but if you wait too long to order, you don't get the type you want. We may hold off on the meat birds just a tad longer.  We probably won't bring our first flock in until the end of May.

So much to do in tying up loose ends for 2015 and planning for 2016!

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!!


Sarah said...

Oh how I love it when you share pictures of your boys! Although I've grown up with mostly hunting dogs (a crazy dalmatian being the exception to various spaniels and retrievers) there is a part of me that really wants a frenchie or a Boston. So much attitude in a little package!

Thanks for sharing the Cooks Garden website. That's a new one to me. I have more seeds than I could plant in the next 10 years but I figure that having seeds on hand is a bit of a safety net!

daisy g said...

Sounds like a lot going on as usual.
Hope you are both feeling stronger soon.
We don't yet have a tree either, so you're not alone. We still plan to get one though. Discounted...;0D

Hoping you get your Christmas snow (don't worry, I won't tell!)