morning hot cocoa on the homestead

Allie & Betty enjoying dried meal worms

Coop Girls Betty & Allie enjoy dried meal worms

Coop Girl Allie

Coop Girl Sam

Caity Bug 


Having a 3-day weekend was amazing!!!  Christmas came and went with warmer than normal temp's.  We went to my mom's house for Christmas dinner - you can't beat prime rib!

We had planned to take Friday and Saturday off.  I was thinking we'd have a movie marathon or something but we just couldn't sit still.  We only did a bit for the business and were able to get a lot of work done around the house.  The weather held out so we figured we'd get things done while we could.

Oliver and Emerson received their favorite treats and Nylabone's from Santa Claus.  Jack and Cait received locally made catnip toys, although, if we had it our way, Jack would have received coal.  That Santa Claus is too kind.  :-)  Yes, Jack is still naughty.  All.  The.  Time.  Whether he is sitting on the counter {and he almost smiles when I discover he's there and direct him to get off}, pounding poor Caity Bug, or stealing receipts and other paper goods, he is almost always getting in trouble.

The Coop Girls enjoyed dried meal worm treats for Christmas.  Big Allie and Betty were still out of the coop when I went to get the goodies so they had their special morsels on the front step while the others nervously paced, wondering if I would ever share the treasures.  I did.  They were thrilled.

We seemed to have inherited rats again from the neighbor's property.  He has a lot of animals and pushes their manure into piles on the other side of our shared stone wall.  It's not smelly or anything but unfortunately, with the manure is also animal feed and, well, it attracts rats over time.  And so it has once again.  They tunnel under our chicken coop and we just can't have the diseased creatures next to the Coop Girls.  I won't go into details but those nasty little things are being dealt with.  Properly.  J has all the equipment needed.

We are taking next weekend off for the first time in almost 2 years!  When I say "off" I mean from the market and making/packaging/shipping product.  We have big plans to get more done around the homestead.  The weather is expected to get colder with a little rain/snow/sleet mix so it will be the perfect time to hunker down here.  Besides, the market will likely be slow as it was this weekend so we figured it was the perfect time to reset and recharge for the year.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend as well!


daisy g said...

So glad you will have some time off. Every body needs that from time to time. Lord knows you've earned it. Enjoy. Oooh, cocoa!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Awesome post of your beautiful chickens, their coop and your darling fur babies! What more can a gal ask for! Happy New Year! xox