breakfast burritos

Jack taking a break from a long day of supervising
there was time to make cookies this weekend!

What a rainy day today.  While the rain isn't such a bad thing, without sun, however, it's just a muddy mess.  And then of course, when the temps drop again the leftover dampness turns to ice....... That's not such a good thing.

The poor Coop Girls second outdoor coop was a slippery muddy mess on Sunday.  As much as they love to be outside when it's not too cold, with the crazy downpours and the slippery mud, they were stuck with just one outdoor coop.  The fully covered one.  Trust me when I tell you they have plenty of space in the one outdoor space but they are used to having both spaces and/or running around the yard.  So when this isn't allowed, well, it makes them cranky.  That's what they were on Sunday - cranky.

Saturday was all about getting things done around the house.  Jack, as you can imagine, was quite the supervisor.  There are certain things he obsesses over and can hear them no matter where he is in the house.  One is leaving a dog treat on the kitchen island {he believes if he finds it, it's his} and another is opening the door to the basement {he is not allowed in the basement, therefore, convinced he should go into the basement}.  Both sounds will wake him from a deep sleep and suddenly he appears.  He's so quick in these instances that you don't even see him coming.  He's just suddenly there, blinking his eyes, because he's still half asleep.  The rest of the 24 hours, he sleeps.  And eats.  And then sleeps a bit more.

I wanted to get a banana cream pie made this weekend but that didn't happen so what's the next best thing?  Chocolate chip cookies!  My oven is not working correctly which makes all baking an interesting experiment.  Come to find out, the heating element has been recalled.  Huh.....guess that would explain it's inability to hold the correct temp!  I've been dealing with it for the past month or so and couldn't deal with it any longer so after a quick call to the manufacturer we've got the part ordered.  I can't wait for a roast chicken to be done in an hour and a half to two hours again!

Sunday was back to the market.  It poured.  Thankfully we packed everything up Saturday night so we only had to unload in the rain.  By the time the market was over we had a brief clearing and the rain picked back up again about 15 minutes after we were unloaded at home.  Of course the market traffic has slowed for the next couple of months which is actually enjoyable as we now have more time to chat with fellow vendors and customers.  Yes, it's nice to be busy but we know it will come in time.  We are now in stock-up and get ready for spring mode.

Oliver was having tummy issues Sunday morning which made things a bit hectic in trying to get out the door.  Vomiting upsets him greatly so when he starts the day off with a bit of that, well, it tends to set the tone for the day.  I made him his special chicken & rice breakfast - perfect for settling an icky tummy.  After that his spirits seemed to lift.  He and Emerson continue to have issues with each other.  Well, more Oliver has issues with Emerson and there's a lot of jealousy and pent up anger.  They seem to be much more frequent since his last surgery.  I have absolutely no idea how to reason with a dog so I'm not sure how to fix this issue.......

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!


daisy g said...

Oh, Staci, I sure wish I could reach into the puter and grab one (or three) of those chocolate chip cookies. They look so amazingly gooey and delicious.

Sounds like you are enjoying the slower pace of the market right now. It feels good to get caught up on things, doesn't it? True satisfaction.

The poor coop girls. I hope they get some time outdoors soon. With lots of sun!
Enjoy your week!

Jenny said...

how do you get your cookies to stay so nice and round?
They look fantastic.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...
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Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Daisy - yes, getting caught up feels great!!

Jenny - thank you! That particular recipe always seems to come out looking like that. :)