It was bitter cold both Saturday and Sunday.  Mind you, that isn't something unusual for this area but with the strange temps this year, well, it takes you a bit off guard.  I looked at the temp before taking the dogs out first thing Sunday morning.  I looked again.  Could it be that it's only a single digit????  Is that a 3?  Huh.......put the leashes down and grab the parka.

Oliver gets a bit of an attitude on cold mornings.  I know that's likely not shocking to any of you.  As you know, he's a bit of a drama King.  This weekend was no different.  He refuses to do his #2 as he focuses intently on the back door.  I can drag him all around the property.  Doesn't matter.  All that matters is going toward that back door - the door that leads him right back to his pellet stove.  So while Emerson is happily sniffing around trying to find the perfect spot, Oliver stays at the end of his leash pointed toward the house.  And then guess what?  In less than an hour his tummy is hurting and he's stretching and upset.  Back out we go where he FINALLY does his business and hurries right back in the house.  He just doesn't get that this second trip {and the pain} is completely avoidable if he would just take a moment to go.

Coop Girl Betty

Coop Girl Sarah

Coop Girl Caylie
The Coop Girls were recipients of some warmed goodies both mornings this weekend.  We knew it would be colder so we made up some oatmeal with blueberries {a coop favorite} and rice with leftover veggies and broth.  They were so excited to hurry up and gobble it down outside before returning to the warmth of the indoor coop.  We "bribe" them to go outside so we can do a quick daily cleaning and then it's up to them if they stay out or go in.  On single digit days it's usually a unanimous vote to go in.

The good news was, however, that we didn't get any snow from the east coast storm.  Woo hoo!  No shoveling!!  It was a bit breezy but other than that, no sign of it anywhere.

The market was busy this weekend with a vendor-to-vendor Chili cook-off.  Homemade hot food that is also free always brings people together on chilly days.  It smelled amazing as you can imagine.  There was every combination you could think of including traditional beef, vegan, fish, chicken, pork, venison, etc.  Our new facial products have been big hits which I'm super excited about since I love them as well.

I got to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen on Saturday which I haven't been able to do in some time.  I made cinnamon rolls {I was going to make them last weekend and never got to it....} which I am convinced is one of the best scents in the world.  The fresh dough and that cinnamon sugar blend is heavenly.  I got a few other things made that I'd been hoping to get to including yogurt, soup and bread.


Jackson decided it would be a weekend of rest and relaxation for himself.  He plopped himself on the dogs blankets that adorn the couch {so they can't jump up} and stayed there for a majority of the weekend.  Cait, on the other hand, hung out on the bench in the room where the pellet stove is.  She loves the heat!

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Sounds like a full weekend! Glad the snow missed you -- I wish more of it would have missed us! I had to grin at your boy not wanting to go or be out. We have that same problem with our girl Sheba. Right now she doesn't understand that "her spot" is under 30 inches of snow and she can't get to it. She's got a bladder like a bucket!

Take care, and have a good week!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw your blog on SouleMama. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading. I made the Southwest Chicken recipe from one of your posts last night and it was so good! Your company looks very nice and professional. I had to send the link to all my kids! Andrea

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I read your post earlier today, and just read another post by Hartwood Roses.
She has a large dog and a very small older one. She said before they had the storm (in VA), someone had mentioned using a tarp just outside the back or side door. She said that they put the tarp down and then shoveled it a couple of times during the storm, just so the snow didn't get too deep. When the dog had to go out, they used the shovel and cleaned off the tarp, and then they could pull the tarp up and back and the dog had grass in which to do her business. They said it was the first time they ever did it and want to spread the word to everyone w/ pets as it was so helpful for their little dog.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Kim - I thought of you guys when we watched the snow accumulation in your area on tv!! Sorry you received so much of it.

Andrea - THANK YOU!!! Such sweet comments and thanks so much for sending our info to your kids!

Thanks so much Chris! No tarps here but we do shovel a spot for them when it snows.... :)