Natural Burn Remedy: Thank the Bees & Grab The Honey!!

Raw honey applied to a first degree burn can help soothe the pain, provide an anti-inflammatory affect and, due to it's natural antibacterial properties, may help the wound from becoming infected.  Although all honey is shown to be beneficial, particularly good is Manuka Honey, which is considered a medicinal honey.  It's considered medicinal because it is made by bees after they pollinate the manuka {tea tree} flowers.  Tea tree is known for it's natural antibacterial properties which would make sense that this type of honey would have the added benefits.

I can tell you that I'm a believer in this after I received a bit worse than a first degree burn on the back of my hand.  A month ago I took a hot skillet right off of the stove from a medium-high burner and accidentally set it on the back of my hand {don't ask - I have no idea what I was thinking}.  I felt absolutely no pain after applying the raw manuka honey.  Even the next day I was amazed at how I felt nothing where the now awful looking burn was.

I do add a drop of lavender essential oil to my honey, as an added antibacterial, prior to using for wounds.  You could certainly add a drop of either lavender or tea tree if you're choosing to use local raw honey.

Have you ever used honey in your first aid kit?