Oliver and Emerson next to their best winter friend


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Coop Girls Dorilla, Anna and Caylie

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the makings of red velvet cake
Happy Valentine's Day!

Winter has definitely arrived to our neck of the woods.  We had a craft show in Indian Lake on Saturday and it was a balmy negative 28 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill.  It.was.cold.  Today is barely above zero but at least it's above zero.  Getting the dogs to budge away from the pellet stove is, well, challenging.

The Coop Girls are miserable.  They dislike cold weather because it means staying inside.  And
staying inside is NOT where they want to be.  Our reasoning is why would we leave the door open on the coop when they're just going to stay inside anyway?  At least it can hold it some of the heat. It makes sense to us, not so much to them.

It was a slow weekend for the craft show and farmer's market, but I really can't blame anyone who chose not to come out in the cold and shop.  Actually, after a super busy week the slower pace is a bit of a relief.  I must say that I'm thrilled the new facial products once again were the big hit over the weekend.  A sincere "thank you" goes out to the craft show customers who loved them so much they were calling their friends and family to come down and give the products a try.

Cait and Jack discovered a mouse under one of the floorboards in the bedroom Friday night.  The floor is made of old wide planks with gaps here and there, which I love, until mice mysteriously find their way under them.  I heard the excitement {chattering} of the cats as I was hopping into bed.  Cait lost interest and wandered off as soon as she realized she couldn't get to it.  J ignored my request to take care of it and has worked on convincing me there's absolutely nothing he can do about it.  This leaves Jack who is now my hero.  He sits waiting to pounce if it ever shows its little beady eyes.

Emerson's pancreatitis was acting up last weekend into the beginning of the week but he's back to eating everything in sight again.  I'll take that as he's feeling better.  And Oliver appears to possibly be reacting to something he's eating.  He's got a bald spot on his neck where the fur has slowly fallen out.  We'll take him in this week to the vet for confirmation of that suspicion.

And as for me, I am single-handedly keeping the company that makes Mucinex in business.  While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, it's been two weeks of trying to fight off a sinus infection.  Last weekend I was very sick  but recovered and this weekend only slightly.  I'm blaming it on being surrounded by sick people at work.  It definitely has nothing to do with the fact that I'm allergic to dogs and cats and the mold found in chicken litter........nope, nothing at all.

Currently the red velvet cake is cooling, waiting on it's cream cheese frosting, the steaks for dinner are just about done and the dogs are eyeing me, wondering if I might be forgetting their dinner tonight.  Although this has never happened, they seem to panic from time-to-time that it's a possibility......  On the agenda tonight is getting laundry caught up, orders that came in over the weekend packed, and making bread dough  and yogurt to use throughout the week {not together, mind you}.  And then, perhaps, resting for a bit.  :-)

Happy Sunday!  Hoping you had a lovely weekend.

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daisy g said...

I'm amazed that not only vendors show up at the fairs on frigid weekends like this one, but customers as well! I won't complain when I'm out there selling in 60 degree temps. That's cold for us! ;0D

Hope the boys are okay. They look so cozy next to that stove.

I hope you're feeling stronger soon. I've decided to take myself off all dairy to see if it helps with some of my symptoms. Can't hurt. I'll let you know if it makes a difference.
Take good care!