This weekend has been all about the Saratoga Springs Home Show.  They added a fine arts and crafts floor this year and we were thrilled to get in.  Needless to say that 3 days of shows made for a very full weekend.  We did really well though, so it was more than worth it.  What I really enjoyed was
that it was great for selling AND buying.  I bought an Air Plant for my office at work from ReVibe Yourself and candles from our good friend Sue of Adirondack Soy Candle.

I know I say this a lot, but I'll tell you again - we truly have the best customers.  Not only did many of our regulars follow us over to the Home Show since we weren't at the market today, but they also made an effort to share their thoughts about our products to others who hadn't tried them yet.  We also had brand new customers walking around sharing the items they had just purchased with their friends and family, and then walking them over to our booth.   I was overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness that so many of you are as passionate about our products as we are.  Thank you!!

We have been very fortunate to have such nice weather considering we're still technically in winter.  And today was absolutely beautiful!  The critters are pretty happy about this and so are the people.

Wouldn't you know that Oliver put his naughty pants on this past week.  As you know, he's not allowed to jump up or down from things since his spinal surgery.  Well, old habits die hard.......  Oliver has a history of needing to supervise the moving of the vacuum cleaner as well as the garbage cans.  Of course the vacuum is easy - it's on the ground and he lunges at it and barks and barks as it rolls.  And to time-out he goes.  The garbage cans, however, are where the problem lies.  He used to always jump up onto the back of the couch and watch through the window as the garbage cans were rolled down the driveway.  He would bark with authority as he watched.  Since his surgery we've been gating him with a baby gate in the kitchen when we move the garbage cans so he can't do this.  This past week J forgot to gate him and as he rolled the cans down the driveway was shocked to see Oliver's little face in the window barking at him.

And gone are the days when Oliver puts himself in time out.  I have such fond memories of when he would be told "no" very sternly and then would bark his way to his crate for a time-out.  He was very quiet when he got in, sitting and waiting for us to tell him he was now a good boy and invite him to come out.  Not any more.  He fights it the whole way now.

As I type, the dogs and J are sleeping soundly in the living room.  Seems it was a long weekend for all.  Dinner is done but I have dishes, laundry, packing orders that came in over the weekend and possibly making the homemade pop-tarts I've been promising my husband on the "to-do" list for tonight.  And then a bit of rest.

Hoping you've had a lovely weekend!


daisy g said...

It's no surprise to anyone who has used your products that your customers would follow you to a new location. Quality is something not easily found and it's worth looking for. Congrats on another new venue! Hope you're feeling strong this week.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Awww....thanks so much Daisy!

Amber said...

I love your soaps! Sounds like it would have been a really fun show! I love shows like that!