Asian Pear Tree

our found Robin's egg

asparagus has arrived!

  Spring is definitely here and all the critters {and the people too} are enjoying days full of sunshine.  With sun comes the desire to work outside and with working outside comes, well - apparently, cutting down trees.  Again.  Half of this duo thinks surprising the other half with a chopped down tree or two {minus conversation prior} is a nice way of welcoming said other half home.

Not. so. much.

I really thought I'd made my point with the previous "trimming" of the large oak tree and the destruction of the rosehip bush but, clearly, I did not since I came home this week to one of my two Asian Pear trees gone except for a small stump.........

We won't discuss this any further - you get the idea that this is a sore spot.

On the plus side, my garlic is doing great and the asparagus is showing itself.  This is the earliest I've ever had asparagus.  This is the most challenging time of year for me - where you are tempted to plant but you know that night-time temps will dip low enough to possibly kill them.  So you don't plant.  You dream about it though.  Someday I shall have a small greenhouse and then starting plants can happen much earlier.

The next month of Saturdays {my only day off} are now spoken for.  Between the garden and the yard, we have each and every one of them taken.  Fingers crossed it doesn't rain {or snow} on a Saturday.

The chicks are growing quickly.  We ended up losing a total of 3.  This is the downfall of mail order.  One was dead on arrival, one died shortly after they got here and the third didn't make it through the first weekend.

We moved them into a larger pen as they had figured out how to fly out of the galvanized tub we were keeping them in.  They are now housed in a very large dog kennel so they have plenty of room to roam.  They'll stay in that for a few weeks and then we'll move them one last time so they can continue growing until they're large enough to stand up to the Coop Girls.

At the farmer's market we move outside next Sunday.  That is very exciting!!  It's such a different feel outside besides the fact that we go from around 20 vendors to over 70.  We also go from trying to cram all our products in one booth to a lovely roomy double booth.

Jackson is still being a troublemaker.  Tonight he just about ended up one lonely boy.  I took Oliver and Emerson out and shut the screen door.  Jack has apparently figured out how to open it {Cait learned this trick a couple of years ago} and when we were walking back he came bounding down the deck steps as if he belonged outside.  His nose got quite bent out of shape when I scooped him up and plopped him back in the house.  I guess we have to go back to locking the screen door.  We put the key in the lock back when Cait figured out how to jump up and hit the handle so that we could lock and unlock it from the outside.  Unfortunately Jack is a bit more bull-headed than she is so we'll have to lock it all summer long before he finally gives up hope that it will open.

The dogs and I found a robin's egg yesterday in the mulch by the only surviving Asian Pear Tree {ahem....}.  It was a beautiful little thing that Emerson immediately thought might be something he'd like to put in his mouth.  Thankfully I scooped it up before he could begin crunching.  He was a bit disappointed, I must say - all the boy thinks about is eating.  I swear he dreams of cheese, ice cream and homemade whipped cream.  All the things he cannot eat since being diagnosed with pancreatitis.  He is absolutely obsessed with all dairy {he now only gets yogurt} and literally drools as he watches you eat.  Poor guy.  He can only fondly remember the good old days of licking the beaters once fresh cream was whipped........

Hoping you've had a lovely weekend!!

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