Hoping those of you who are mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day!

It was a partly nice weekend and a partly chilly & wet weekend.  This weather means the garden continues to grow.  I have yet to actually plant anything for this growing season, so the only greenery are the items I planted in Fall and those that return year after year.  Strawberries, blueberries, horseradish, elderberries, Asian pears, garlic, carrots, asparagus and onions are all coming up.

The Coop Girls had their noses beaks bent out of shape on Saturday.  J decided to evict the chicks from his shop and made room for their crate in the coop.  I was cleaning the house and when I went to wash the windows I saw the chicks being moved, two-by-two, to a temporary outdoor coop.  Hmmm....I thought maybe he was allowing them some time in the sun.

Yes and no.

Next, I saw their crate being carried out of the shop and toward the coop.  The Coop Girls all came running from around the yard when they saw the strange looking addition being brought in and, much to their dismay, they instantly received roommates.

I can tell you that although chickens don't have facial expressions, you could read the disappointment on Allie's face.

The chicks are doing very well and are absolutely adorable.  Their feathers are coming in, as you can see, and we are starting to get a glimpse of what they will look like as adults.  They eat, drink and poop a ton, as all chicks do.

The farmer's market on Sunday was full of rain {morning only}, wind and drama......

our summer farmer's market booth set-up

The wind was whipping all day long at 20-40 mile per hour gusts.  During one of these gusts, a branch fell off of the tree across from us and onto the 2 vendors tents below it.  It made a whole lot of noise and beat up their tents but thankfully no one was injured.

We re-located the 2 vendors who were directly under the tree since there was another dead branch swinging in the wind.  The park police showed up and taped off the area so no one would walk or stand underneath.  It now looked like we were across from a crime scene......

We spent most of the day holding onto our tents, even though they were weighted down, and trying to prevent them from flying off.  A few vendors did have their tents blow around but we were lucky, between us and some very kind {and fast-thinking} customers who grabbed a hold of the tent frames when large gusts would come, we made it through.

I made a DELICIOUS {if I don't say so myself....} Chocolate-Buttermilk Cake with Milk Chocolate frosting for Sundays dessert.  Sunday night we took my mom and her childhood friend, who is in town from Texas, out to dinner.  Then home to eat cake. {recipe coming this week!}

Oliver & Emerson
Oliver and Emerson did not get to enjoy the cake, but they did enjoy being outside all of Saturday.  Spring sunshine is the best!

Hoping you had a lovely weekend too!


Marsha said...

Can't wait for the recipe! Glad no one was hurt with the tree limb falling.

daisy g said...

So glad no one was injured during that gust! There are stakes that screw into the ground that you can buy at camping stores to secure things, I wonder if that would work for you when there is a lot of wind?

That cake looks scrumptious!

The boys make such good supervisors.
Enjoy your week!