What a beautiful weekend we had.  The temp's were in the mid 80's on Saturday and upper 80's/low 90's on Sunday with no humidity.  A weekend where making iced coffee and fresh lemonade were at the top of the to-do list.

We had a farmer's market that we do once a month on Saturday and our regular market in Saratoga on Sunday.  Saturday's market was a bit slow but it's such a beautiful setting.  Sunday was busy in the morning and slowed toward the afternoon.  I don't blame any of you who chose to shop in the morning anticipating the high heat of the afternoon.  It was toasty.  We were extremely fortunate to have shady spaces for both markets. 

And now updates on the animals.....

Coop Girl Hattie

Let's start with the easiest.  The Coop Girls.  The new chicks have been fully introduced to the flock and they are doing great.  They should start laying in September which will be fantastic because it will be right before the others start slowing for their molt.  They are full of energy which slightly annoys the older ladies of the coop, but they are so fun to watch!  We did, unfortunately, lose sweet Hattie last week.  She's one of the oldest at 6 years of age.  She had a proper burial in the outskirts of the garden area, joining her sister's who passed before her.

Oliver is having on again/off again issues.  He has been given an anti-anxiety medication to {hopefully} help with his tummy issues.  We shall see how that all plays out.  When he doesn't feel good his feelings get hurt very easily and he takes everything out on Emerson.  It's challenging, to say the least.

Cait is also having issues.  She is currently being tested to find out what's going on.  We believe it's either liver disease or diabetes.  We should know what we're dealing with sometime this week.  She's been going to the bathroom on the floor so she is temporarily crated.  I'm sure this is all tied to her health issues.  This confuses Jack immensely {remember, it's not hard to confuse the poor guy...} and he sits right by her crate staring at her.  The guy's exhausted spending his days watching her rather than sleeping.  She, for the most part, is taking this whole crate thing pretty good.  She gets frustrated and voices her opinion from time-to-time, but is generally pretty quiet and content.



The garden is doing great.  Other than needing constant weeding, it's doing really well.   Everything has successfully come up.  My first round of cucumber plants were all eaten by a certain little woodchuck who has since been re-located.  The second round is now up and looking good.  The asparagus is about done for the season and the summer squash, peas, tomatoes and peppers are well on their way to providing the next bounty.  Hopefully that will begin the end of this week or beginning of next week!

The mulching of my flower beds has not yet been completed.  Why is it there's always more chores than time to do them in? 

And I had hoped to make Strawberry-Vanilla jam by now.  That hasn't happened.  Yet.  Have you tried the Strawberry-Vanilla jam by Stonewall Kitchen? 

Best.  Strawberry.  Jam.  Ever.

That's what I'm going to try and replicate.  If I get the time to make it......

Speaking of strawberries, what I have made is strawberry shortcake and J wanted a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie for father's day, so of course I whipped one up.  He says it's his favorite pie, but I don't believe I make a pie that he doesn't say that about.  :-)

J was able to get a second patio/deck built on the back this past spring.  I say patio/deck because we had discussed him building a second deck.  A deck, in my mind, has railings.  This has no railings.  None.  Just a flat "patio".  He wasn't thrilled to find out I wanted railings so we've compromised.  Someday he will build a 3/4 "wall" on the right-side that will be thin flower boxes to act as a wall or railing.  Maybe by the end of summer/beginning of fall.  He thinks I'm crazy but I feel like it needs something to help define the space.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend in your neck of the woods!! 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! And I'm going to save some of those strawberry recipes because I do have frozen strawberries from my local picking!
My daughter's dog had anti-anxiety meds and he became a bit crazy until the meds were adjusted! Crazy without, crazy with...and then adjusted! ha. I have a beagle who is very lay-back. Andrea

daisy g said...

Sorry to hear about Hattie and the other critters having difficulties. It's so hard, if only they could tell us what's wrong...
Sounds like a beautiful weekend for market.
Your garden sounds like it is providing well, as usual. I am not doing veggies this summer at all. No energy in this heat.

So glad you checked in with us. Hope you have a smashing week and that these issues get resolved for the better.