How is it that Monday has arrived again already?  Weekends, especially in the summer, seem to go by at the blink of an eye.  Just when you feel as though you are getting things accomplished, you sit back and realize how much more there is to do.......

That is how this weekend went.

The garden is need of weeding {as are the flower beds}, the house is in need of a good deep cleaning, there is soap to wrap and products to label and boxes to pack and, well, the list goes on.

The Coop Girls are in good spirits.  The older girls have taught the newer ladies how to heckle us when we walk to the garden.  They chant and chime hoping for a goodie or two.  It's very cute.  And Allie, the matriarch of the coop, has become the loudest once again.  How can you resist a little old chicken heckling you?  So, needless to say, goodies they get.

Caity Bug


We still aren't sure what's up with Cait.  I'm pretty convinced it's the beginning stages of diabetes.  In a couple more weeks she'll be tested again and we'll see.  She got a bit testy Thursday and Friday with the whole crating thing but she seems to have finally realized she's not the boss and has given in.  Surprisingly Jack seems to realize she's not feeling well and, for the most part, leaves her alone.  The dogs, however, well.....not so much.

It was a busy weekend with farmer's markets on both Saturday and Sunday.  Two markets makes for a super busy week but we do have a lot of fun meeting new people and talking to customers we've built friendships with.  Saturday was warm but Sunday was just downright hot.  Thankfully it wasn't humid as well.

A critter has attacked my pea, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower plants.  Ate the tops right off of nearly every single plant.  80 plants gone......I am not too happy about this discovery.  Yes I need to fence in my garden but there is just no time or money in the budget to do that this year.  I'm going to assume it's a bunny.  Or two.  But I'm not entirely sure.  Oliver and Emerson follow a trail of scent when they are out in that area but it goes over the stone wall to the neighbors house so we can't tell what kind of critter it may be. I'm sure in time we'll figure it out and give it a re-location party.

That's what's happening around here - hoping you had a lovely weekend as well!!


daisy g said...

So sorry to hear about the uninvited guest to the garden table. That's gotta be frustrating!

Hope Cait is feeling better soon.

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Two signs of diabetes in a cat- they lose their meow (voice) and walk on tip toes....