10 Quick & Easy Things To Purge

Easy and purge in the same sentence?  Indeed I have lost my mind and used them together.  The idea of purging sounds great but the reality of purging can be overwhelming and emotional.  Overwhelming particularly if you have so many items that you aren't sure where to start.  Emotional if you realize, once you start purging, that they hold memories.  But it feels so much better once you can begin to let go of some of the clutter.

I am a purger.  Is that a word?  I get myself to the point where it all must go because I can't stand it anymore.  I can't stand dusting it or moving it or finding a new home for it.  If I could purge little by little I'm sure it would be a better system, but alas, that has not happened yet.  And so I wait until I'm at breaking point of clutter and purge away.

This list is comprised mostly of items that are less likely to bring emotion into it, making it the perfect place to start!

  1. Holiday Decorations - yes, it's summer, but it's actually the best time to go through your decorations, get rid of those you no longer use or want, and re-organize those you are keeping.
  2. Magazines - paper, paper and paper.  Toss them if you've read them.  Toss them if, in reality, you'll likely never read them.
  3. Craft Supplies - getting rid of excess, items that are no longer usable {dried out markers and glue}, and items you'll likely never use will make it so much easier to see and use the items you keep.  Consider donating supplies to daycare's, nursing homes, etc.
  4. Health and Beauty Supplies - discard items that you've had hanging around for too long and give away things that you've not yet used and will likely not use.
  5. Kitchen Utensils - do you have utensils that you thought would be useful that you've never ever used?  How about items that are old and worn out but you're still holding onto them? 
  6. Cleaning Supplies - do you have supplies you purchased but ended up not liking the product? Donate to a friend who may be interested in trying them or toss. 
  7. Glassware - determining what you realistically need and purging the rest can be a difficult task but think of how much more space you'll have in your cupboards! 
  8. Books - this is the one on this list that's the hardest for me.  I adore books!  Get rid of those you haven't looked at in years and likely never will read.  Donate or sell what you can.
  9. Linens - it's easy to accumulate, particularly if you have a dresser or closet where you store them.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Go through and donate, sell or toss.

 What about you?  What items do you find the least challenging to purge?


  1. I'm a purger too. It feels so good to let go of things and the knowledge that those items can be used by someone else brings satisfaction.
    We donate our magazines monthly to a local library that has a magazine exchange. Anyone can donate or take any of the magazines there for free. You could also ask a doctor or vet's office if they could use them.
    We have pared down even more in recent months. I'm with you. Less to dust, move or keep track of works for me!

  2. I love purging. My mother, having lived/helped me through 20 or so moves, says im extreme. Lol I suppose I am. Blessing of growing up a military brat, I don't have emotional attachment to things. And this is a great list, and things I purge often. I also go through clothes, toys, (entertainment- cd/DVDs/electronics/etc) regularly.


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