we have a plethora of cucumbers!

there's nothing like homegrown tomatoes

squash blossom

pole beans

Happy Sunday!  It has been HUMID - disgusting, really.  I am not a fan of high temp's or humidity so when you combine the two this makes for an unhappy girl......  Thankfully, it is rumored we will feel some relief soon.  At least for a day or two.

I had Saturday off!  I'm so very excited to have finally had a day to sleep in {6a.m.} and to leisurely
go about my day.  I woke up to a quiet house, made coffee and took care of the animals, then actually had time to sit and collect my thoughts before starting my day!  I cleaned the house, washed the dogs & Jack, weeded the garden, worked in the kitchen and packed products but I didn't have to work by a schedule so technically, that's a day "off" around here.  I get 2 of these in a row, which I will absolutely treasure, and then it will be another 2 months before I can look forward to another day "off".

Big Allie posing with the Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary soap
Sad news from the Coop.......  We lost Big Allie this week.  She was our mascot, of sorts, and a HUGE personality on the Coop Girl team.  If you shop from any of our market or craft show booths then you recognize the photo of Allie above from our banner.  She just loved being around people, even if it was simply to pose for photos.

It's been really strange to not get heckled by her whenever I walk by.  The girl lived a long life, for a chicken, and provided us with much laughter and entertainment.  She learned at a young age that there was no reason for over-exertion.  If you simply coerced another chicken to do scratching for you, you could reap the rewards by pecking at the newly uncovered bugs without breaking a sweat.  As new chicks were brought into the coop over the years, she would recruit one to partner up with and convince her to do the work.  Amazingly it always worked!  Allie loved sunbathing, vocalizing her likes and dislikes, and eating yogurt, mac & cheese, meal worms, and oatmeal with blueberries.  To the best of our knowledge, she hadn't laid an egg in a couple of years and truly enjoyed her retirement.  Rest in peace sweet girl!


Jack continues to be clingy with the loss of his partner-in-crime, Caity Bug.  He is also even more convinced that he is a French Bulldog.  The French Bulldogs, however, are not convinced of this and don't like his attempt at partnering with them one bit.  Mostly because they don't trust him.  {he bites and swats at them}  Despite Jack's attempts at being their sidekick, Oliver and Emerson are doing well.  I took them to the market with me last Sunday for a little bit.  It was a lot of stimulation for them though.  They eventually begged to be held which meant they were exhausted and needed to go home and nap. So I took them home.  Jack was thrilled when we came through the door!  Today it was just too hot to bring them with.  Maybe next weekend.

Before Caity Bug passed she had a number of accidents on the carpet in both the office and dining room.  Mind you, we've been going to replace this carpet with hardwood flooring for a few years now.  And that hasn't happened.  Well, there's nothing like the constant smell of cat urine to push you to making the time.  That will be happening this month.  I tried all of the enzyme-destroying based cleaners and none would completely take out the smell.  So hardwood has been chosen, will be picked up tomorrow, and laid down in a couple of weeks.  The dogs will be absolutely shocked the first time they go to run laps around the dining room table {a nightly show} and find they can no longer keep any traction.  Should be quite a sight!  And another win-win will come out of this - I'll get to re-paint the dining room and office.  Something I've wanted to do for a couple of years now.  I might even get the crown molding finished in the dining room.......I've been waiting for that to be completed for about 6 years 3 months and 45 days.  But who's counting?

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!


daisy g said...

Allie sounds like quite the character. I'm so glad you had each other for so long.

Sounds like things are humming right along. It's plain that you made the most of your day "off".
Enjoy your week!

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Sorry for your loss. I have found Odoban Pet pee remover works miracles!!! I have tried others-but this one is by far the best. Purchased via Amazon Prime.