We've had quite the stretch of hot and humid weather these past few weeks.  The type that results in conversation about it with virtually everyone you run into.  But finally we get a brief break.  It's wonderful!

We did a little necessary shopping this weekend.  Because J is laying hardwood flooring next week and finishing the drywall in the office and the molding {fingers crossed} in the dining room, we still had a few things to get such as a paint for the 2 rooms, light for the office and an area rug for the dining room.  And in the midst of all of the shopping, someone got a new gas grill..... 

That would be me since I'm the one who primarily uses it.  Our other grill has lasted us about 12 years {I wrote about that here} with the internal parts getting changed out annually for free, due to the lifetime warranty.  The problem, and the reason the parts needed to get changed out annually, is because of the way it's set up.  No diverters for the grease which means the burners get grease caked on them, and where the wiring is for the electrical starter, it always {ALWAYS} gets burned up at the first flare up from said grease.  The new grill has all stainless interior parts, has diverters over the burners, and get this..... the wiring that is out of the way.  It's a beautiful thing!

This is the time of year where I start to get anxious for Fall to show itself.  I crave comfort foods, wearing sweaters, changing the sheets to flannel, drinking hot coffee, and watching the leaves turn into brilliant colors.  The same thing happens toward the end of winter, where I crave grilled meals, thin cotton sheets and long to wear flip flops.  Do you go through this as well?  I dream of crisp air when I take the boys out in the mornings and watching the Coop Girls conduct their end-of-season-garden-clean-up.  Another month to go......

There are the most precious little eggs showing up in our nesting boxes these days......proof that the newest Coop Girls are finally laying!  This is great news as it means we will not run out of eggs this winter when the older girls are in full molt.  That happened to us a couple of years back and it was disappointing.  We haven't bought eggs in years and we ended up buying 3 dozens eggs that winter from a local farmer.

Oliver and Emerson are doing well.  Oliver still has passive-aggressive issues toward Emerson, particularly when it's meal time or when he wants my undivided attention.  The dynamic duo will have a rough week next week I'm sure with all of the construction going on in the house.  They do not like change, loud noises, change, chaos, or change.  Did I mention that they don't like change?  Jack doesn't like loud noises but won't mind any of the rest of it as he always finds something to steal and entertain himself with.

We will be bartering with a local farmer this year for peppers.  I didn't grow enough to freeze so a farmer friend who loves our soap will be gifting us a bushel of peppers in exchange for a few bars.  This is one of the highlights of selling at a farmer's market.  I love connecting and bartering with others.  We've bartered for meat, cheese, veggies & fruit, hummus, honey and brick-oven baked bread.  All amazing things.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend too!


Melody A. said...

Bartering, such a great concept and good that you are able to do it. It is its own language and that is why it is harder for most of us to think that way, we just don't know how to do it. Such cute dogs and beautiful eggs!! good luck with the remodeling. from Iowa

daisy g said...

Score on the grill! I love how it matches the red shed. No doubt you'll be getting lots of use out of it.

I am SO ready for fall. Too bad I have another 2 months of summer left (unless we get out of here before then). Flannel sheets? Ooooh, that sounds divine! I hope to need some in our next house.

The boys are lookin' good.

Bartering is the best. Our son believes that if we didn't need money, our world would be much better off. Have to say I agree with him. ;0D