And With Chaos Comes A New Room...... or Two!

The small renovation is in progress and, of course, has not been without it's fair share of drama.  Part of the drama is that this is the wrong floor...... We ordered "asian walnut" and received "walnut" which is a LOT darker.  I love the floor, however, it's an interesting contrast against the oak stairwell.

Oh well.

The first night there were only a few planks of wood installed in the dining room but all of the carpet had been removed and rosin paper applied.  This confused Oliver.  He was sure he could not go beyond the wood.  Now how in the world was he going to get to the living room????  He frantically tried to figure this out.  Surely stepping on that rosin paper was life threatening.

We tried to convince him with food. 
We tried to convince him with promises of scratching his bunnies {his favorite thing EVER}.
Um, nope.
We then tried to convince him that Jack was after him and was going to grab his bunnies {his worst fear EVER}.
Nope.  Not happening.

He was on the hardwood floor island with no way of getting off.  Until I picked him up and plopped him in the middle of the paper.  And you know what?  He lived.  Yes indeed, and he was able to cash in on the snacks and the bunny scratching.  Life was good.

The floors are installed and the painting is almost complete.  A new light fixture needs to be wired into the office.  There is an unfinished wall in the office that needs one last bit of tape and mud prior to paint.  The trim will be repainted {white} to freshen it up and the crown molding still needs to be purchased, cut, painted and installed.  I am told this will all be done next week.  Fingers crossed......

Jack absolutely loves the hardwood and spends his evenings moving all around it, laying in virtually every spot to try it out.  Once the furniture is moved back in this could put a damper on his evening adventures, but until then, at least it keeps him occupied.

Since the new flooring is so much darker it required a new area rug as well as a new dining room set and, quite possibly, new curtains.  Funny how it all snowballs, isn't it?  You'll remember that the chandelier was replaced recently {thank you Lowe's for the $39.00 special}, which means at least one thing that will remain unchanged.  My wallet is happy about that.


daisy gurl said...

It looks fabulous! We are considering putting laminate down in place of the carpet, hoping that may spur someone to make a bid on our house. It certainly makes a huge difference and helps the space look larger. Great job, y'all!

Carol Williams said...

My husband is an expert at this game. We have to buy a new boat. Which needs a new trailer. Lots of new gear. Special seats. New Yeti cooler. Truck is too small to pull it adequately. We need a new truck. We need...wait honey, where are you going?

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Daisy - thank you. Yes, it definitely makes a big difference!!

Carol that is hilarious! :) Although I've tried pulling that to get a new vehicle as of recently......J didn't fall for it though. lol

Shirley Elliott said...

It is absolutely beautiful - and it's not finished yet! Please show photos once it is complete and furniture in place. I am always amazed by how much you accomplish and cook such wonderful meals also. Really enjoy you posts and photos of the furry family members. Hope you have a wonderful fall!