A beautiful fall day at the Adirondack Museum
Fall in the Adirondacks.  There's nothing like it.  We were vendors at the Adirondack Museum's Fall Harvest & Fiber Fest on Saturday up at Blue Mountain Lake.  We absolutely LOVE attending their functions.  There is so much attention-to-detail and thought that goes into the planning and you just can't beat the atmosphere.  Each and every time we go it's like getting together with old friends.  From the museum employees and volunteers who visit with us every single time to the public coming to enjoy the museum.  Many of them regular customers of ours.  

Adirondack Lake
The leaves were just starting to change so the drive was spectacular.  Because we get so busy with
weekend events in the fall, we don't get out much to enjoy leaf peeping.  I was thrilled that we could do just that AND attend the event.

The air has turned crisp and, in my opinion, perfect.  This is my favorite time of the year and it just doesn't last long enough.  Oliver and Emerson enjoy snuggling in the warmth of their flannel beds with cozy blankets wrapped around them.  They are patiently waiting for the start of pellet stove season.  It will be here soon enough.

Oliver and Emerson keeping warm

We visited a local nursery to pick up a few mums and pumpkins this past week.  Although we did not bring home one of the gi-normous ones, our front porch now feels festive and seasonally dressed.  The Coop Girls will benefit as the pumpkins start to soften since they love to eat the flesh and seeds.  I grew a few pie pumpkin plants this year so we will have plenty of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds for ourselves as well.


pumpkins and gourds galore

The Coop Girls are doing well.  We're still getting the little pullet-sized eggs from the newbies although they are getting a tad bit bigger as the days progress.  The girls are on garden clean-up duty this week.  There will be all kinds of chicken chatter as they fill their days with scratching and pecking in the beds.  We still have tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, onions, and the last of the pumpkins growing.  I want to plant garlic but since the girls will scratch the cloves up we'll wait one more week to allow them more time to fertilize and clean the garden beds before they are kicked out for the year.

I worked on prepping eggplant and peppers for freezing and made the last of the basil into freezer pesto in my "spare time" this weekend.  I love to add pesto to soups - brightens the flavors right up.  I still have roasting a bushel of winter squash on my to-do list so that I can freeze it, but thankfully it will be fine stored in the barn for a bit longer.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend too!


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daisy g said...

Those pictures are amazing! They look like postcards. What an amazing place.